Kashimashi Episode 4 Impressions

This is going to be a big one again! So here’s what I’m going to do..I’ll do a part about the Tomari and a part about the Yasuna because I didn’t take notes so I can’t remember the oder stuff happened in!

Tomari notices Yasuna and Hazumu in the garden sharing a Strawberry (what a coincidence?) that grew there. She sits in the class looking out the window in a daze with a hurt look in her eyes. At one point Yasuna and Tomari run into each other and have a somewhat awkward conversation which is interupted by Hazumu. Hazumu and Yasuna leave together again leaving Tomari with that same look. I feel so bad for her, she looks so genuinely upset by the whole situation. Later on in episode four Tomari stops by Hazumu’s late at night to return a CD she had borrowed. While there Hazumu tells her she spent the day with Yasuna shopping and that Tomari should come with her to a store Yasuna recommended. Obviously Tomari only brought the insignificant CD to Hazumu’s late at night because she needed to see her.

After the short meeting with Hazumu she heads out for some alone time in which she is seen in a store reading a shoujo magazine by Ayuki. Ayuki stops in and makes a statement that sticks with Tomari. Telling her literally to step on stage or walk away. Which in english losely means put up or shut up. Go for Hazumu or stop getting between her and Yasuna. Ayuki appears to understand whats going on by observing from afar. The following day Tomari catches Yasuna and Hazumu on the roof by the garden embracing but as Yasuna leans in to kiss Hazumu Tomari screams to interrupt and sends Yasuna running off. Tomari runs off as well crying but stops out front of the school where she runs into Yasuna. Tomari then proceeds to tell Yasuna how bad she hurt Hazumu before. Noticing Tomari loves Hazumu as well Yasuna apologizes to her for being in love with Hazumu but tells her she is and there is nothing she can do about it.

As for Yasuna theres a bit of stuff to touch on as well. She’s once again rejects a cute boy who’s after her by running away and saying she has to go to the library with Hazumu. I think it’s the same boy she has now rejected three times. Later the two go shopping and Yasuna helps Hazumu buy a cute dress that matches the one Yasuna purchases. On the way home they pass a male and female couple who is dressed to match as well. Yasuna mentions that they must be lovers because they’re dressed alike then accidentally slips and quietly ask herself if they also look like lovers. Both of them turn red and get embarrassed. They then head for a Karaoke place and get a room. While sharing a funny moment the two get nose to nose. In shock Hazumu jumps backwards then as she goes to return trips and lands on top of Yasuna.

Yasuna takes her hand and touches Hazumu’s face very sensually and mentions how it isn’t the first time they’ve been like that. I assume she means the flash back in episode one that shows how they became friends, Hazumu falls on top of Yasuna in the forest. After they head home both Yasuna and Hazumu are seen asking their selves the same questions about the morality of the situation. At the end of the episode before the above mentioned embrace and almost kiss that Tomari interrupts Yasuna admits her feelings and tells Hazumu she loves her!

The episode ends with Hazumu all alone on the roof confused in the rain. Poor Hazumu, to not only have two people after her but to be dealing with a new forced outlook on life and morals. I’m left wonderings how Hazumu deals with this. Does she no realize Tomari is also in love with her? Will Yasuna back off now that she knows of Tomari’s feelings?

Also another drop of pointless information. The male alien is being called Sora Hitoshi, which means space man. Also he is working as Namiko’s assistant in the class and pretending to be a relative of Hazumu’s. Sorry for the disorganization of this post I’m a bit sleepy and I forgot to take notes while watching episode 4. :) Until next time!

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