Aria The Animation Episode 1

Ara ara!

You know..I thought about something tonight.. this is my blog!.. I don’t care if you like it or not! :p So basically what I’m saying is… I’m going to ignore Kannazuki still because it made me so angry the way the end was handled that I’m still going to neglect it and opt for happier times a.k.a. Aria! I’ll get around to Kannazuki eventually I guess…but for now enjoy the magic that is Aria! :)

Kind of slow, very slice of life and most likely less yuri than I like to see but it has me intrigued enough to watch episode two. I suppose I could see something developing between Alicia and Akari as the two of them just seem “right”. Not sure if Aika will pop into the picture as well as she seems to be awfully embarrassed of any emotional conversation.

Alicia is without a doubt the beautiful female of the series, she seems to be highly popular and extremely kind as well. Quite possibly a student teacher type thing could develop with her and Akari. Alicia is already a Undine while Akari and Aika seem to still be in training.

The slice of life on a new planet is something interesting to me as well. Usually slice of life takes place on Earth. While this is a terraformed planet covered in all water. Think of our Venice in Italy and how people ride Gondolas. It’s a man made clone of the city. I’m also curious to see if the only city that exist is this one and is it simply a vacation area on another planet or are their cities all over the new planet?

The episode mainly focused on a little girl whom was visiting with her parents who hated the planet. Akari and Aika take her out on a ride while practicing and she has a magnificent time with them. They actually become friends by the end even though the small pushy girl, Ai, forced it on them to begin with. Interestingly enough all the feelings that Ai has to begin with are quite negative but by the end of the ride she has a whole new outlook on Aqua (planets name) and has made two new friends, Aika and Akari.

Really coming of age as well..but I see a small growing up lesson on this episode. I see Akari who is older and Ai who is younger and Akari tellings her how similar her thoughts were originally as well. Also notice the trend here.. Alicia, Akari, Aika, Ai.. they all start with an A! This could get confusing! Episode two coming soon!

Welcome To Aria!!

Ai Calls Aria Company and Kidnaps Akari

Enter Aika!

President Aria

President Aria Needs Rescused/Alicia Saves The Day

Alicia And Akari Share A Moment


Akari Arrives In Aria

Akari, Aika and Ai Go For A Ride


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  1. Anongiri Says:

    I’ll take a guess as to your source of anger for Kannazuki no miko.BR/BR/After the credits for the last episode, there is still more of the show. You have to watch it.BR/BR/I don’t want to sound like I am but could you reply to my strawberry panic comment on your other post? (when you’re able to)BR/BR/Because I’d love to know what you think.

  2. Caitlin Says:

    Partially! Though I did see the little bit at the end.. I just don’t like tragic endings which even still I felt like this was. While I suppose it wasn’t technically tragic but.. errr I wanted happier. I love happy things :)! I was really expecting something different.BR/BR/Sorry I hadn’t noticed any comments! I didn’t think anyone was commenting.. or even reading! LOL. *goes to look for it*BR/BR/Thanks for reading btw -~_^-

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