Aria The Animation Episode 2

Ok I was kind of right, Aika and Akari are in training but they work for two different Undine companies (Gondola companies) Think of Venice, that’s what this place is like. It seems chances Akari and Alicia could get close are even greater now as I don’t see any other apprentices and I assume they live together. The weird cat like thing that I believe has been mistranslated to “president Aria” is actually just the mascot of the company. Hime, the company Aika works for also has a cat mascot, but more of a very well kept, well mannered looking cat while Aria has a larger cat (yes it’s a cat…lol) with less manners.

The “Acqua Alta” is going on in the world of Aqua (the moon terraformed) today. It appears the water has risen because when Akari wakes up there is water in Aria Company. Also the sidewalks have about a foot of water on them. I hadn’t realized there was sidewalks initially in episode 1 but it appears there are.

Add another A to the mix, Akira. She works for Hime with Aika. Now that Alicia, Akari, Aika, Ai, Akira…somebody is really trying to confuse me it seems! It’s not hard to do haha! Akira seems to be hard nosed and tough; she’s the opposite of Alicia whom it looks like she doesn’t care for very much. Aika jumps to Alicias defense even though she doesn’t work for Aria. Interesting…

We haven’t meant “Athena” yet halfway through episode 2 but it appears she is #1 at the third large Gondola company, Orange Planet. I think the whole A first names thing is beyond coincidence now -_-. Alicia, Akira and Athena are called the “Three Water Fairies”. Obviously it is because they are the best at what they do.

A bit of shoujo ai just slid up on me without even noticing! Aika in a fight with Akira (her boss from Hime) decides to stay at Aria with Akari and Alicia (whom isn’t staying there it seems). The two of Aika and Akari in their bed clothes have a conversation about how much Aika loves Alicia and why she loves her. She speaks of a story when he was a child and ran away from home Alicia spent the day with her on the gondola and then took her back home. Obviously nothing sexual happened as Aika was but a child…but it’s without a doubt the makings of a reason for love!

A small little event I noticed, while Aika is asleep she rolls over and her shirt lifts up exposing her stomach. Akari notices and pulls it back down for her and recovers her with the blanket. Even though Aika appears the tougher of the two and always in control while Akari appears a little slow to grasp things and nonchalant she is actually more of like a motherly figure to Aika than she probably realizes. Either the yuri is extremely subtle or I’m mistaking sisterhood for it O_O. That seems a lot of what this series is, sisterhood. In a good way though, don’t mistake that for a complaint -^_^-.

Akira shows up at Aria to take Aika back after the argument they had and runs into Alicia. It appears the two of them were childhood friends who decided to become Undine’s. Much like Aika and Akari from the looks of it. As they got older it seems they grew apart a bit and become more of rivals and lost their best friend feelings. They are sociable still though, once you get through Akira’s tough exterior. Maybe now that Akira has broken the ice by coming to Aria and Aika and Akari are becoming good friends it will get Alicia and Akira closer once again.

Cute episode, I’m starting to learn more of the back story to the characters now. Aika and Akari are mirror images of Akira and Alicia so a peek in on the later was kind of insightful as to how the younger pair may turn out as the episode goes on. I think I’m going to enjoy this series, even if the best I get from it in terms of yuri is applied. Maria was implied too and as we all know…I’m a Maria groupie! :D Oh and the little girl Ai from the first episode was chatting with Akari at the start of episode 2, so maybe we’ll get to see her again!
I need to stop taking so many pictures lol!

Acqua Alta Day!

President Aria Sleeps!

Akari Goes For Aria’s Food

Enter Akira

Aika and Akira Fight

Aika Comes To Aria Company

Aika And Akari Have A Sleep Over

Aika As A Child With Alicia

Akira Comes For Aika

President Hime

President Aria Eats All Hime’s Food




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