Aria The Animation Episode 3

Akari is writing to Ai again as the episode starts, it’s apparently her second summer in Aqua.

Enter Alice, a beautiful green haired girl seemingly the same age as Aika and Akari but younger in actuality. If I had to guess Aika/Akari’s age in comparison to Alice being 14 that is. She is the top trainee for Orange Planet, the third gondola company. Making her of equal status with Aika and Akari with the exception she wears two gloves while they only wear one. The glove thing seems to mean..the less you have the longer you’ve been learning. :D She seems highly talented though and blows by Aika rowing with ease and isn’t caught until she begins coasting.

Alice seems a bit stuck up or possibly highly shy, I haven’t decided yet…but she’s not the most outgoing person in the world. I guess I’m not either though! In the monthly gondola magazine Alice is featured in it and is asked by girls at her middle school to sign it. I can’t tell if she’s being stuck up again by not signing or being humble..hard to peg at this point. I know far too little about her. Possible hints of a crush on Akari as well, though I could just be reaching. Alice is seen dreaming of her smile and then later tries to recuse her from Akatsuki, a non threat, when she thinks Akari is in trouble. Even the men have names starting with A *sigh*..this is going to be tough on my poor alcohol ravaged brain! :D

As the episode went on Alice ends up spending the day with Akari and it’s easily obvious to me that Alice is crushing hard! They even end up in Ukijima, the upper city (I’ll explain shortly) together after Akatsuki gives them tickets to ride up from the ground. I’m not quite sure how old Akari is but it doesn’t look like she goes to school to that would mean at least 17. I wonder though…if it’s possible for Alice and Akari to become something? Alicia might be a bit old for Akari or Aika. I guess with the series being only three episodes in they’re mainly setting all the characters up and giving you hint hint of whom may like who. It could be awhile before anything is actually obvious. I’m sure there are still some people to be introduced.

Back on the floating city, Ukijima. It appears to be a fully functional city, floating above the planet where people like Akatsuki can control the weather of the planet. Also I had mentioned in another update about being curious of more than one place. It seems there are places all over the planet. Akari was mentioning how cultures from all over Man-Home(Earth) brought their influences to various new places and set up. So I guess that one is solved! The who ends up with who mystery is just beginning though! If it ever even happens that is ;).

Akari is seen crying in the preview..things might be heating up. Also the ending theme is beautiful, get it HERE

Enter Alice!

Akari+Aika Pick Flowers For Alicia

Alice Goes To School

Alice In The Magazine

Akatsuki, Akari and Alice Take A Trip

Alice and Akari Visit Ukijima

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