Aria The Animation Episode 4

I like how Aria makes you watch the intro theme and video because they show bits and pieces of info for the upcoming episode during the intro. Most anime has the generic intro played episode after episode. Aria does NOT. It’s different from episode to episode while carrying the came music but also has conversation via Ai and Akari narrated throughout it.

This was a fairly light episode as far as character development and relationships. We meant Mailman-san, who obviously is the local mailman and someone named “Woody” who is what is called a sylph. Sort of like Fed-Ex guy who delivers long distance packages on an air bike. He helped Akari deliver a letter to a grave site way out in the ocean. When she returns to locate the girl whom she delivered the letter for she can’t find her or where she found her. A bit later though President Aria does get Akari to take her Gondola down a random narrow path off the main route where she sees the little girl run into a house. Kind of freaky! President Aria actually leads Akari to the location initially like he went for a reason and the direct Akari again to where the girl seems to live…But why? The girl also mentions Akari is the only one who noticed her and is her only hope to deliver this letter. I’m feeling like she is a ghost! I could be wrong though her mother (assumed) calls for her from inside and she runs into a possibly not.

The location where Akari meant the girl is kind of like a closed in square area in the back of several houses with only one entry through a tight alleyway. Also there seems to be tons of cats gathered here and only one central tree (pics below). The girl makes Akari pinky swear with her that she’ll make sure the letter gets to where it’s going. She agrees and does so. President Aria seems to be extremely excited as if he just accomplished something..odd once again. I wonder how this girl and President Aria are connected?

The mailman returns Akari the letter after checking out the address for her and tells her it’s on an abandon island out in the sea, this is where Woody plays a part. His air bike allows him to travel long distances and can get Akari out there! They deliver the a grave site with the name it’s address to on a grave stone. It’s actually a old type of media device that’s probably similar to Cassettes in comparison to CDs. Alicia shows up with the proper player on a air bike she borrowed from the florist with president Aria..I wonder if he somehow communicated this to Alicia. Who knows? But they sit at the grave they found with the matching name and play the video, bringing Akari to tears.

If this little girl is so young why does she have such a old media device? In the video they play for the grave stone the mother tells “Ami” (the little girl whom the letter/video came from) to stop playing with something but when you get a view of the actual video you only see a cat on the next paragraph for that theory. I don’t believe Ami would be old enough to remember the person who died (her father?) by my best estimation on time in the world of Aria and how long ago this person most likely would have died…GHOST! They show a row of wind mills on a set of hills in the video..yet I’ve seen a group of windmills in a few episodes that rise out of the water. I’m thinking they’re from the same spot long ago before the water covered the planet like it does now. At least that’s what I’m thinking -^_^-. Oh and I cried as the video ended >.<…Ai’s response to Akari’s email explaining it did it! Thanks Ai!

But wait there’s one more theory I have! Check below for pictures of the little girl and then look at the picture labeled “Cat Ghost?”.. Notice the black cat in the video.. it has the same eyes as the little girl and notice the bell on the girls neck, then notice the bell on the cats neck..hmm. I could be making unrealistic connections because I don’t think Aria is that Sci-Fi of a series..but maybe just maybe when there was no view of the video but the audio had the mother tells “Ami” to stop playing with the video camera..she was talking to the cat? These are just wild off base guesses for right now though.

One bit of character information as far as relationships go. Alice seems to be very friendly with both Akari and and Aika now. Aika and Alice are even seen out together to come see Akari, so that means the two of them must be friends now as well. Also Alice seems to still be protecting or taking up for Akari much like she did when she thought Akari was being attacked in the past episode by Akatsuki. Kind of a cute little relationship they may develop. I’d much rather see Alicia with Akari though but the age thing might be an issue. The two of them are perfect, the fact they’re so much alike though might not translate well to possible chances of that happening. Writers seem to make opposites end up together for the most part.

Please download the ending theme; you’ll love it if you’re a j-music fan in any shape or form. Also previews for episode five seem to be our typical beach episode to get bikini shots of the girls. I expected as much especially considering this is a planet full of water..but yeah next episode is it O_O…Still loving the series. Very very very very laid back. I could almost swear the writer was smoking a joint when they wrote this! lol My kind of series especially after Kannazuki no Miko and the giant robot thing! A bit too exciting for my taste.

Enter Woody

The Girls Relax

President Aria Takes Akari To The Ami

Ami Gives Akari The Letter

Aria Finds Ami Again

Alicia Buys Them Ice Cream! :D

Enter Mailman-san!

Everyone Sees Akari Off

Akari And Woody Head For The Island

The Touching Video…


The Girls First Location

Cat Ghost?

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