Just Some Stuff!


Yeah that’s right, you heard me.. some stuff! -^_^-

Sorry for the lack of finishing Kannazuki no Miko with the urgency I had been doing it with. I PROMISE I’ll get to it soon. I jumped the gun and watched the last 4 episodes in a row rather than blogging them one by one. I shouldn’t have >.< ! But I will get to it ! I’ve also begun watching Aria the Animation. Not highly yuri but hint hints of it here and there and as cute as it’s been to this point.. WATCH IT. I’m actually blogging it episode by episode in notepad but I haven’t cleaned them up, screen capped and transfered to the blog yet. But at least I’m caught up on that.. I learned my lesson from Kannazuki! lol

Actually to be honest, I found out Maria S4 was almost upon us and went on a 3 days long drinking binge in celebration >.>.. I’ll just blame it on maria -~_^-!

Here’s a link to the closing theme from Aria by Round Table (featuring Nino) called Rainbow. It’s such a beautiful song it brings tears to my eyes almost every time I hear it! Really really cute and worth the listen to any J-music fan! http://w17.easy-share.com/1701651495.html

Simply click that link wait for the clock to count down enter the stupid 5 digit code and click the “Download this file” button right below. Should work just fine. Sorry for the terrible download host but I don’t have any private web space where I would be allowed to host mp3s through a ftp server >.<…so if anyone has any ideas on that or some space to offer I would be appreciative. :)

So until next time! Heck I might even catch up with Kannazuki tonight if I get hyper. I’m really antsy because my whole going out on Saturday night idea didn’t pan out right..again! <3xoxo

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