Kannazuki no Mike Episode 8 Impressions

The episode begins with Himeko’s version of the flashback from episode 6 of the first time Himeko an Chikane meant one another with the little puppy. Not quite as detailed as Chikane’s recall of it. Possibly because it didn’t mean as much to her as it seems to have to Chikane. Sad but very true. Chikane seems obsessed. Speaking of first meetings, you get a little glimpse into why Otoha is jealous of Himeko a bit. She is roughly the same age as Chikane and Himeko and has grown up in the mansion with Chikane since they were both very young. Chikane sends her off to Tokyo to deal with her uncle whom is sick. Otoha knows something is wrong and Chikane is sending her to do it so she can do something alone, something bad. As Otoha goes for the car with Chikane the two share a nice moment where they cry and embrace over their friendship.

Himeko and Oogami, who has his back growth getting bigger, have lunch together and Himeko questions him if Chikane has been acting weird today. The two of them are in the same class. Apparently after last episode and that thing by the pond where her lunar marking lit up and the weird look on her face, she has changed a bit. Oogami says he hasn’t noticed but said it must be something if Himeko noticed because the two are so close. Chikane is seen dropping off her student council badge and everyone in shock in the office. I assume this was her quitting.

Oogami and Himeko go out on a date and Himeko is seen buying two pendants one with Chikane engraved in it and one with Himeko engraved in it. The man ding the engraving questions her because it’s two girls names but does it anyways. When Himeko mentions Chikane her face lights up and she begins to blush. Could she still have feelings for her? Oogami’s brothers are voyaging into a cave to check on the legend of the priestess I assume, to see maybe if they can figure out why the ceremony isn’t working even though Chikane and Himeko are preforming it properly. When they arrive at their destination they seem shocked as if something is wrong with the legend…Uh oh my fears might be coming true, Chikane is going to kill Himeko? :(

Oogami drops Himeko off at home and she rushes up the driveway excited to see Chikane..who for some reason is sinisterly standing on the roof with an evil look on her face and Miyako’s voice narrating. Did she put Chikane under some sort of spell? The house is completely empty, no maids, no lights and nothing but the sound of a piano. Himeko rushes up the steps into the piano room to find Chikane playing it in the dark in Himeko’s priestess clothes..weird. Chikane ask Himeko if she loves her but her eyes are weird looking, somethings not right. It’s now obvious to me Chikane has flipped, she’s lost her mind now. When Himeko hands Chikane the moon pendant she got engraved Chikane throws it on the floor. Chikane lunges forward and grabs Himeko and forces he rinto a kiss saying she tired of childish games. Himeko tries to run but Chikane grabs her arm and they both fall down, Chikane landing ontop of her. She kisses her once again, as Oogami has a psychic vision and begins to returns to the mansion.

Time for the big plot twist…Chikane has joined the Orochi :( As Himeko battles to get away from her Chikane tell her she’s always wanted one night with her. She then slaps Himeko to the floor and rips her shirt off. By the time Oogami arrives it appears as if Himeko has been raped. All her clothes are off and she sits on the floor by Chikane naked with tears streaming down her face. Chikane fights Oogami and it appears she has gained tremendous power from the Orochi. All she wanted was power to protect Himeko in an earlier episode, it now appears she has gotten it, but from the wrong source. Oogami calls for his robot but when it arrives Chikane now has the power to control it, since she’s part of the Orochi. It’s also revealed that Oogami gets all his power from Himeko not from himself. Chikane transforms the robot into a sinister looking version of itself and calls it Take no Yamikaduchi. Chikane now has control of Oogami’s giant robot and looks as if she takes Himeko away as Oogami lays in the grass appearing motionless.

OK now I’m pissed I don’t like the direction this series is taking.. I like happy endings, I should have known better than to watch a giant robot yuri series. I knew it couldn’t end happy. Oh well I guess with 4 episodes left there’s time for Himeko to break the spell on Chikane? At least I hope so. :( Also in the preview for next episode Himeko is not a hostage of Himeko, I guess Chikane just wanted to have her way and then leave…Bleh I’m angry I don’t plan on watching any more today. They better end up together! >_<

Also sorry for no pictures this episode yet, I’ll try and add them tomorrow. I’m too lazy atm :D

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