Kannazuki no Miko Episode 2 Impressions

Love the intro theme, wasn’t in the first episode, as with a lot of animes.

Chikane appears to be regretting the kiss she gave Himeko without asking her permission while she was out of it. (pics below) When Himeko awakens from her injuries Chikane is watching over her, she remembers the kiss yet as she as preparing to awkwardly ask Chikane why, they are interrupted. You get more Himeko in bra and panties in the next shot lol. I’m now taking a guess that they were simply on a friendship only level before this kiss as Himeko believes it was only a dream. Saying that Chikane would never do something like that to her, almost in a way that sounded like she didn’t feel she was good enough, not like she was violated.

The story is explained of the guards and we’re somewhat introduced to a few. Nekoko is kawaii -^_^-! Himeko faints when she finds out her childhood friend Souma Oogami is indeed one of the evil guards and her and Chikane are Priestess whom must eventually battle him as an enemy. Of course Chikane saves her from hitting the ground! I really like Chikane so far even though it’s only one and a half episodes into the series. She’s the perfect mixture of lady, athlete, scholar and lover it seems. I kind of had the feeling Chikane knew about it yet it now appears she had no clue about the Priestess thing or she’s hiding it when she is first told the story.

Himeko goes to visit Mako in the hospital and it looks like she has a broken leg and a few bumps and bruises from the attack on the school in episode 1. She goes on a tirade about thinking she was important because Chikane had sent her flowers but she found out everyone from the school who was hurt had gotten them. She then seems to loose her cool and sends Himeko out of the room, telling her to just leave. Himeko upset by this and leaves Mako alone crying. I’m kind of confused here. Is this turning into a triangle? How did Mako find out about Himeko and Chikane anyway even if it is turning into one? Himeko doesn’t even know yet lol. Why is Mako so angry at Himeko? I don’t understand why Himeko is blaming herself for Mako being hurt or why Mako is, if she is.

Chikane tracks Himeko down at a train station appearing to want to flee town and they have a nice bonding moment, they’re really cute together. Chikane promises Himeko she’ll run away with her just as long as they’re together. Chikane begins undressing there at the train station to show Himeko a symbol on her back, marking her as the other priestess, which Himeko had yet to find out. They embrace with a warm hug they both appeared to need. As they somewhat cuddle back on the train station bench trying to remain warm Himeko feels the need to explain to Chikane the close relationship her and Mako had and how she feels it’s her fault Mako is now hurt. Chikane consoles her and reassures her it’s not her fault.

They are interrupted by Girochi, an Orochi (one of the bad guys) and Chikane is beaten up while protecting Himeko. Then they’re rescued by Oogami, as in the last episode. Seems like a reoccurring trend. Himeko and Chikane get beat up and Oogami to the recuse, even though he’s technically supposed to be an Orochi (one of the bad guys) O_o. Oogami wins in his super Gundam-like mech once again and the episode ends with Himeko crying in Chikane’s arms expressing her desire to remind with her and Oogami and not run off anymore.

Didn’t touch on it in the last update, the ending theme is also very nice -^_^-. Plenty more pics below. Also interesting notes from the preview of episode 3. Himeko speaks of the start of a new life, which I assume is the whole priestess thing. Wondering if everyone knows, about them in the world now or if it’s kept secret? There is a scene of her walking down the steps at school, I guess it’s rebuilt now..but that’s not the interesting thing. What I see is everyone in the stairwell male and female stop to watch her walk by in contrast to episode one when she was bumped aside and knocked down the steps because no one would pay any attention to her. The title is “secret love shell”.. it’s obviously that pink shell Himeko was wearing.. I’m curious if it’s Chikane or Mako whom gave it to her or which of the two she wears it for…I’m probably going to watch it now but no write up until tomorrow I’m really sleepy again!

Chikane Upset Over The Kiss

Himeko Changing :o

Himeko Faints

Himeko Visits Mako

Train Station Bonding

The Orochi (Bad Guys)

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