Kannazuki no Miko Episode 4 Impressions

It appears that both the girls have been working on their magical powers, the start of the episode shows both working together to create a barrier for the villagers to hide in in case of impending doom. Himeko seems relieved she is finally able to do something to assist Chikane rather than make things harder on her. As they return to the mansion Oogami invites Himeko on a date and Chikane looks none too pleased about it. Which could be for a number of reasons. One she may not fully trust him yet and two because she’s jealous someone is gonig to have Himeko for a day.

It seems the jealousy at school is continuing as well, as the blue haired “popular girl” as I’ve called her tells the teacher on Himeko for reading the date invite during class. At lunch in their usual spot int he rose garden Chikane seems to almost be pushing Himeko to go on the date even though she seems unsure if she will go or not. Himeko looks upset by the fact Chikane seems to want her to go, probably because she feels as though the feelings she has for Chikane are not mutual.

Back home Chikane plans to help Himeko pick out a dress for her date with Otoha. Otoha asked her to remove her clothes and bra in front of her and Chikane. Himeko doesn’t look too comfortable with this at all. Almost the same uneasiness she seemed to have when she bathed with Chikane her first night at the mansion. Though she doesn’t want to Chikane talks her into it. As she begins to undress Chikane peeps from the corner of her eye and watches her. After Himeko undresses, to her shock, Otoha ask her to remove her bra as well. Then Otoha somewhat spitefully says that her chest is 8cm smaller than Chikanes! I had to laugh at that. She seems highly jealous of Himekos relationship with Chikane. After being sent to make alterations on the dress to fit Himeko she leaves the room and grimaces in anger.

After the dress is apparently done Chikane helps Himeko get dressed. When she goes to help with her hair Himeko freaks and falls to the floor away from her. She had a flashback, which has appeared several times in the episode, about a man grabbing her by a ponytail and cutting it off. She obviously doesn’t like anyone messing with her hair now it would seem. The day of the date arrives and as Chikane sends her off from the front porch she smiles in Himeko’s face as if she’s happy for her. As soon as Himeko goes to walk away Chikane frets and gets upset at the thought of losing her.

Also in that send off from the front porch Himeko tries to apologize for what happened the night before with her hair and screaming as she fell to the floor over it. Chikane pretends like it never happened to keep from upsetting Himeko. Also to hide her feelings I believe. As later she is seen cleaning and then hugging what I believe to be Himeko’s school uniform while crying because she thinks maybe she did something to ruin a possible relationship with Himeko. It appears Himeko has never explained to her about the traumatic hair experience she had as a child That leading Chikane to think it was something to do with her not Himeko.

There’s also a possible hint hint at the whole possible sister thing I talked about too. While Himeko is out on her date Chikane has a vision, unseen to the viewer, that causes her to drop her cup of tea and tell Otoha they must leave immediately. Point being, same birthday and twins are rumored to have the ability to know when the other is in danger. Himeko is being attacked not too long later…

I didn’t touch too much on the date with Oogami because well lets face it. I don’t like very many males lol! It went very well and it seems as though he’s the third wheel in the yuri as he was about to confess his love for Himeko when he’s suddenly taken over.

The Barrier For the Villagers

Chikane Untrusting of Oogami

The Jealousy at School Continues

The Measurements!

Otoha Looks Jealous Again

Himeko Freaks Over Her Hair

Chikane Sends Himeko Off

Chikane Hurt Over The Thought of Losing Himeko

Chikane Has a Vision and Drops Her Tea!

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