Kannazuki no Miko Episode 5 Impressions

Chikane and Otoha find Himeko hurt in the middle of the road, once again her clothes are half ripped off! Chikane takes her back home and gets her settled. Himeko seems completely crushed that she destroyed the dress that Chikane let her borrow and the fact that it was an important dress to Chikane given to her by I think her father. Chikane reassures her that it’s not a big deal as long as Himeko is safe and feeling OK. Himeko begins to cry tears of joy that Chikane isn’t mad and cares for her so much. She thrust herself forward into Chikane’s arms and they have a cute little hug.

Later after Himeko falls asleep Chikane, still in the room sits down on the bed and rubs her face while she sleeps. She begins thinking to herself..she suggest somewhere deep down inside she had hoped that Oogami and Himeko’s date was going to go wrong. So that she could be there to console Himeko I assume. She even goes as far as to say when Himeko cried in her arms it made her feel better. Not sure if that was spiteful or if she meant it made her feel better because she was useful and important to Himeko. She then begins running off a list to herself of what she may mean to Himeko. A classmate, a roommate, a friend, the lunar priestess, or… Well she didn’t say it but it flashed the still shot of the kiss that had in episode 1. So obviously the “or..” meant lover. She then leans in almost appearing as if she wants to kiss Himeko. As she begins to tell Himeko she loves her Otoha knocks on the door and interrupts her. Himeko still remains asleep though.

Oogami has come to the mansion and Chikane and him have a somewhat heated exchange because no men are allowed on the property. He wants to see Himeko but Chikane refuses and starting arguing with him. Chikane really chews him out about protecting Himeko. She seems to be blaming him for Himeko’s injury that night, which is only fair. Oogami shoots back that Chikane isn’t able to protect her either and she flashes back to the time she accidentally let goes of Himeko’s hand underwater and she almost drowned. Himeko wakes up apparently able to sense Oogami battling Tsubasa. She’s frightened and wanted Chikane to take her to where Oogami is. Chikane seemingly upset that Himeko is so worried about Oogami embraces her and promises they will go together. Chikane puts Himeko on her horse and they take off galloping full speed to where Oogami is battling. Himeko tells Chikane she’s alright because they’re together.

Oogami is defeated and near death when Himeko comes to him in a dream at first and then literally. It revitalizes him and he goes on to defeat his brother Tsubasa easily. Himeko seems to have used the power of the solar priestess to give Oogami extra power yet it looks as if by doing so she over worked herself and loses consciousness. Oogami appears to have some weird growth on his back now..obviously something to do with the Orochi but I can’t even begin to imagine what it is.

So far the yuri has been a bit light, the romance between Oogami and Himeko seems to be more focused on than the one between Chikane and her. Though it could be a temporary thing to cause a bit of drama before (if) Chikane and Himeko become a couple. On to the next episode! Pics below.

Himeko Injured In The Road

Himeko Cries Over The Dress

Chikane Watches Himeko While She Sleeps

Chikane Screams At Oogami

Himeko Wakes Up Worried About Oogami

The Final Battle

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