Kannazuki no Miko Episode 6 Impressions

At the start Chikane is all alone in the rose garden, she looks pretty upset to me. I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s the lack of Himeko with here there that’s causing it. They show a flashback of the first time Himeko and Chikane meant. I was wrong they aren’t childhood friends but instead must have met recently at school. Looks like a stray dog ran into the rose garden and Himeko chased it in where she stumbled upon Chikane. Chikane starts talking as if she has never desired anything more than Himeko in her entire life.

The next scene is really cute with Chikane and Himeko in the kitchen cooking. Otoha pops in on them and in completely shocked to see them cooking. Otoha excuses herself and is seen outside of the kitchen enraged that Himeko is now even in her kitchen. The jealousy shines through once again. They show her schedule book as she fills in shitake mushrooms full course meal tonight! If you forgot Himeko hates shitake mushrooms -^_^-. Back in th kitchen Chikane and Himeko finish cooking and seem to have packed their own lunches for school. Himeko suggest they may have made too much and she wants to pack a third lunch, for Oogami. Chikane doesn’t appear to be too pleased but agrees.

On the way to school Himeko ask Chikane if she has seen her hairpin because she has lost it. Chikane denies knowing where it is though she has it all along. I’m not sure why she would do that unless she truly does hate Oogami that much? They see Oogami out front of the school with a number of girls around him. Chikane is absolutely pissed of course, the consummate protector of Himeko. Later that day Himeko sits outside the tennis court on a bench looking upset as several female students hang on the fence screaming for Oogami during his match. Chikane approaches kind of sullen because Himeko forgot to meet her for lunch in the rose garden. Himeko tells Chikane that Oogami is so popular she didn’t really have a chance to get close enough to him to give him the extra lunch they had made. She suggest the two of them eat three lunches together instead.

Chikane a bit angered by the fact of Oogami not coming to see Himeko at all gives Himeko her lunch box and tells her to go wait on the roof for her. Chikane walks onto the tennis court and the girls surrounding Oogami immediately leave in her presence. She tells Oogami to come to the roof as well to eat lunch. On the roof all three are present while Himeko gives Oogami the extra lunch they made. Chikane looks sad and begins to walk off as Himeko stops her and request that all three of them eat together not just her and Oogami. Chikane lies and says she has to meet a teacher bu instead goes to their usual spot in the rose garden all alone. She begins thinking of Himeko and the flashback from the intro picks back up again with the little stray puppy.

IN the flashback Himeko is holding the puppy and tells Chikane she has to go search around to look for the dogs owner now. Chikane tells her not to leave she can easily find out who’s dog it is if the people live close (because of her family status). Himeko thanks her by using “Chikane-chan” which shocks her. It seems as though Himeko had no idea the status that the Himemiya family had at that time. The two walks home together with the dog to find the owners house. On the way the puppy gets into the mud and splashes mud all over them and Himeko leans in with her cloth to wipe mud from Chikane’s face. Both of them are seen blushing as she wipes her face. The wind then blows and Himeko puts a clip in Chikane’s hair to keep it from her eyes and tells her to keep it. Chikane begins narratnig the feels she had at that moment and how happy she was. It’s the moment Chikane fell in love with Himeko. Eventually they return the puppy to it’s owner whom is very grateful.

Still in flashback time the following day on the way to school Chikane notices Himeko walking up ahead and runs after her. When they meet finally Himeko is very embarrassed and apologetic for the day before. She apparently found out later that night just how high of a status Chikane and her family had. Chikane tries to return her cloth from the day before and Himeko refuses and runs off apologetic still. Chikane runs after her and eventually chases her down. and gives her cloth back, sending Himeko running off once again this time with a smile.

Chikane is then seen back in real time with the blue hairpin Himeko gave her in one hand and the rose one one in the other hand Himeko got from Oogami. I still don’t understand why she stole it. Later at home Chikane and Himeko are taking a bath together and Himeko rambles on about Oogami Chikane is short with her answers and seems to not care. Until Himeko mentions she was asked out again by Oogami, this seems to get Chikane down a bit and she walks off and leaves Himeko.

They try to perform the ceremony again and fail once again, Chikane seems obsessed with obtaining power so she can protect Himeko all alone with the help of Oogami. She pushes Himeko to the limit and almost causes her to faint. Once again the ritual as unsuccessful. After returning home Chikane over hears Himeko on the phone with Oogami telling him she can’t go out with him anymore because of the trouble it causes Chikane because she is living there. The next morning Chikane wakes up Himeko and tells her to hurry up and get ready, apparently she called Oogami and told him Himeko changed her mind later that night. She once again dresses Himeko and gets her all ready for her date. After shes dressed they share a moment when Chikane tells Himeko all she wants is for her to be happy and for her to smile. It means more than anything to her. Then she even allows Chikane to do her hair. If you remember in an earlier episode she lost it when Chikane touched her hair because of a traumatic experience with it in the past. She even adds in the blue hair pin Himeko gave her back when they first meant.

As Himeko leaves with Oogami Chikane upset rushes through the house out the front door at the thought of her with Oogami. Otoha stands by and watches Chikane, for once she looks genuinely upset over Himeko and Chikane rather than jealous.

Otoha Worried About Chikane

The Girls Meet (Flashback Pt.1)

Chikane Gets Himeko Ready

The Stolen Hairpin!

Chikane Floats

Himeko and Chikane Take a Bath

The Meeting of The Girls! (Flashback Pt.2)

Let The Cooking Begin

Chikane Get’s Oogami For Himeko

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