Kannazuki no Miko Episode 7 Impressions

Kind of a weird episode, not much love going on on the yuri side of things. Chikane is trapped in some type of dream world where she battles her inner feelings for Himeko. It seems the work was created by the second neck of the Orochi, Miyako. After defeating her own inner thoughts and Miyako’s dream world Chikane goes to where Himeko is with Oogami, whom has just defeated a few of the Orochi and protected Himeko. When Chikane arrives she watches from a distance as those two kiss *puke*. She looks crushed by this and seems to snap a little it seems.

When Himeko get’s home she’s highly upset about what happened and Chikane goes to her room to console her. As Himeko begins talking about Oogami being the one for her Chikane begins crying and hugs Himeko telling her how happy she is for her. In the process she begins flashing back to the dream world and Miyako saying her dreams will never come true (being with Himeko). After being interrupted by Otoha for a phone call Chikane is then seen outside saying she’s made a decision and the wind begins to blow her hair and her solar priestess sign begins to glow on her back.

Now I’m not really to sure where things could go now. Himeko seems content with Oogami now and doesn’t seem to be showing as many emotions towards Chikane as she one had. Chikane now decided on whatever it is she’s going to do seems like she’s ready to move on but I could be wrong, she could have decided to get Himeko at all cost now. Also in the dreamworld Chikane has flashbacks or possibly premonitions of what appears to be her killing Himeko in her priestess robe. Could this be a hint hint of things to come? Has Chikane flipped and gone insane or has her resolve just become stronger?

Chikane And Miyako (Dream World)

Himeko And Oogami Kiss *puke*

Himeko Returns Home Upset

Chikane Flips Out?

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