Kashimashi Episode 10 Impressions

Yui Horie sings the closing versions of Michishirube. Not quite as beautiful as the versions by Ayuki’s voice actor or Hazumu but still decent in its own right. So prepare to be shocked, this episode just had me crying tears of joy!

Much like the last episode this one focused on the Tomari-Yasuna relationship. As the episode starts Hazumu wants everyone to go to an aquarium with her. It seems as though Yasuna is the only one able with no plans. Tomari is going out of town for five days for a track team thing. Yasuna chases Tomari down and ask her if it’s OK to be going with Hazumu all alone. Tomari tell sher it’s completely fine and that they’re friends now and she trust Yasuna to keep things the way they are as opposed to trying to have Hazumu all to herself. The date between the two seems to go great and they share a romantic moment together in which Yasuna cuddles to Hazumu’s arm and shoulder. But beyond that Yasuna remained neutral and kept her promise to Tomari. Yasuna now friends of Tomari decides her and Hazumu are going o take the train to visit Tomari after the aquarium and deliver her souvenirs to her.

At the train station Yasuna has an encounter with a large male whom upsets her and she cowers in fear screaming for Hazumu. The man was simply trying to warn her of the approaching train and to not cross the tracks though she has the problem with seeing men as dark shadows. Tomari arrives at the train station shortly after the encounter to pick Yasuna and Hazumu up and sees the two hugging as Yasuna clings to Hazumu’s shoulder and has her face buried in Hazumu chest. Tomari takes this the wrong way and has no idea why Yasuna is actually hugging on Hazumu. She doesn’t appear to see her fear or tears. Tomari hides for a moment and gathers her composure as she contemplates why Yasuna would break her promise to her.

After arriving at the place where Tomari is staying Hazumu and Yasuna are informed that no trains are returning tonight so they would have to stay until the next day. Hazumu is taking a bath when in walks Tomari with nothing but a towel on and her hair down. Might I add, she’s beautiful with her hair down! Pics below. Hazumu mentions to her how girlish and cute she looks with her hair down. Like a mature beautiful lady. Tomari is curious how things went on the trip with Yasuna questions Hazumu. Who in turn responds with a mention of the beautiful sea fireflies her and Yasuna saw. By the way, that was when the semi-romantic moment happened with the two of them. Late that night while she assumes everyone is asleep Tomari gets up to go outside and get some air. Hazumu notices and follows her out.

Tomari ask Hazumu to come with her for a bit and she returns to put clothes on and leaves a note for Yasuna telling her she went for a walk with Tomari. Yasuna wakes to find the note as Tomari and Hazumu are back at the train station on a bench watching a beautiful display of fire flies in the nearby woods and grass. During a conversation Tomari pulls the ties from her hair and let’s it down once again for Hazumu to see. She as Hazumu if she really looks like a woman and explains to Hazumu that she thought if all three could become friends everything would be fine but it can’t work because she’s not ready to give in and lose Hazumu to Yasuna! She wont quit! Tomari leans in to kiss Hazumu and they start making out! It wasn’t a simple kiss like the first Yasuna and Hazumu one. This one was serious! =) As they kiss Yasuna looks on from afar with tears in her eyes remembering all the same promises Tomari remember when she saw Yasuna and Hazumu hugging at the train station. Yasuna appears to go from sadness and hurt to anger that Tomari lied to her and rips a chain off her neck she received as a free gift on the aquarium trip with Hazumu. As the episode ends the two are still making out! Go Tomari! -^_^-

This one was great. I’ve been waiting and waiting for Tomari to make her move but she wouldn’t I was beginning to think she had given up! I’m curious now if in the last two episodes Yasuna is defeated and is angry with Hazumu as well or if the two of Tomari and Yasuna begin competing very hard for Hazumu. Also how is Tomari kiss received from Hazumu. Does she take it as something serious or does she feel like it was forced on her? I really want to watch the next episodes but I’m about to fall over dead! Haha I guess until next time -^_^-! Oh and here’s pictures of Tomari’s hair.. and of course.. the kiss! Also take note in the last picture Yasuna is watching from a distance.

Tomari’s Hair!

The Kiss!!!!!

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