Kashimashi Episode 11 Impressions

Ending theme by Tomari’s voice actress this time. Cute -^_^-!

Yasuna after catching Tomari and Hazumu kissing at the train station absolutely loses it and runs over the tracks in a fit of rage. When she reaches the other side she slaps Tomari in the face and starts questioning her about the promise they made to keep everything the same. Tomari responds to the screaming by Yasuna with a slap of her own then by trying to throw what she mistakingly took as Yasuna cuddling with Hazumu back in her face. Yasuna seemed almost as hurt by the fact that Tomari broke a friendship promise between the two of them as she was by the fact it was Hazumu whom Tomari was kissing. The disorder Yasuna has with men where they appear as shadows suddenly strikes her with females as well as you watch Tomari and Hazumu became shadow people from Yasuna’s eyes. Now she sees everyone as shadows not just men.

The following day Hazumu goes to see Yasuna after she has her fit of rage and shadow people deal. Yasuna tries to see Hazumu, the only boy she was ever able to see and breaks down into tears. Hazumu leaves and Yasuna explodes into tears at the fact she’s lost the only person she has ever loved to this problem. Tomari is waiting for Hazumu out front when she returns home from Yasuna’s only to get a cold shoulder and be brushed off. Kind of harsh I thought based on the fact Tomari was slapped first by Yasuna not the other way around. Tomari made a mistake in thinking Yasuna was hugging on Hazumu for some other reason than the fear she felt at the time. People make mistakes. Though love is a constant battle and one mistake can win or lose everything. Trust me, I know!

During this little brush off exchange Hazumu blows up on Tomari about how much pain Yasuna is in before of her[Hazumu]. I don’t understand how she can’t see she has caused Tomari just as much pain if not more up until this point! Tomari ask her to make a choice now, Yasuna or her..once again. Which was probably the wrong course of action considering the problems that has already caused. Hazumu still completely indecisive runs off into her house, once again leaving Tomari in tears. That’s a common occurrence isn’t it? I’m getting a bad feeling I might not get my desired ending!

Tomari ends up at the river, yes the same one where the promise was made and Ayuki catches her crying. Tomari cries on her shoulder once again and I began to think..they never made it clear (to me) just who Ayuki was watching from afar and in love with. I’m actually starting to think it may have been Tomari she was speaking about rather than Hazumu. The following day Ayuki angered by the fact Hazumu appears so happy gardening with Asuta appears and sends him off to put Hazumu in her place after what happened with Tomari the night before and appears to be highly on Tomari’s side. While it was a harsh speech I think she did the right thing by stepping in, or “stepping on stage” as I have it translated.

Yasuna and Tomari meet on Kashima mountain later that night where they both try to defer Hazumu to the other in what appears to be a humbling experience for both of them. In the end Tomari decides to accept her defeat and allow Yasuna to carry on with Hazumu. Tomari looks hurt but she also looks as if she can finally accept the fact Yasuna is right for Hazumu rather than her. I can’t figure out why she’s even put up with this much, love only goes so far! So like I said my happy Tomari-Hazumu ending doesn’t appear likely :X. The last episode will probably be a big love fest between Hazumu and Yasuna ending with Yasuna learning how to see again and all will be well with the world. >_<

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