Kashimashi Episode 12 Impressions

Well I knew it :| stupid Yasuna won! lol. But it doesn’t take away from the magic this series brought from start to finish. Touching moment after touching moment. I laughed, I cried! I truly enjoyed this series from start to finish. I know there is a OVA, I plan on watching it right after I finish this entry.

It’s sad to see Tomari so emotionally crushed by Hazumu’s decision yet still fight through it and have a beautiful day with her. At the end just when it seems Tomari has come to grips with the decision and the fact that her and Hazumu will only be close friends now..she breaks down again and looks like she’s battling with herself. One second she wants Hazumu to leave, then she doesn’t want Hazumu to go..then she tells her to go to Yasuna again. Kind of confusing but as I said in the last entry, love is a battle. It makes you do disturbing things to your own mind. Ayuki again shows up to comfort Tomari..it has to be her that Ayuki is in love with. It just seems to all fit right in my mind.

Yasuna was trying to leave town secretly while all this went on so Tomari could have Hazumu and there wouldn’t be a struggle about it, yet in anime essence Hazumu catches her at the last second on her way out of town and stops her from going. :( She says the magic words (I Love You!) and Yasuna instantly gets her sight back of not only Tomari but all men as well! I didn’t see that come did I? ;p

Uh oh did I say I didn’t get my happy ending.. guess what..I STILL MIGHT! After the closing song and credits Yasuna lets go of Hazumu’s hand and appears like she has bad news..The scene quickly cuts to Tomari and Hazumu standing by their famous spot on the river with Tomari’s face in complete shock. Hazumu takes off running and starts jumping the rocks to the center island as she did as a child. She turns around and screams for Tomari and appears very happy..then it cuts off ! ARG thank god I watched this long enough after it had been out to have the OVA waiting for me. If I had to wait the 7 months people waited originally I would probably die!

Onto the OVA! Also the closing track is sung by Yu-mao and titled Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto. Beautiful track. If you can locate the opening, endings and in episode tracks for this please do. They’re all extremely beautiful and well sung. Everything is uplifting and very joyful.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    the manga is way better
    i felt like crying when she actually chose tomari and wanted to keep protecting each other
    i was so scared of yasuna stealing hazumu, since in the series, i believe they don’t ever kiss until the end.
    i haven’t seen the anime, but thanks for the info because the ending sounds like it sucks…a**

  2. Caitlin Says:

    Well after episode 12 I was disappointed but the OVA fixed everything I didn’t like about the ending!

    Hazumu kissed Yasuna very early in the series and then kissed Tomari at the train station when they went to visit Tomari after going to the water park so both of them were kissed before the very ending.

    So I mean if people want to take episode 12 as the actual ending I guess my feelings stand but with the OVA I was completely satisfied and I thought it was a great series. I haven’t been too far into the manga actually I probably should though!

    Thanks for the comment please stick around and post as much as you’d like -^_^-

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