Kashimashi Episode 5 Impressions

The last one ended with a bang and so does this one so prepare yourself to tear up a bit! Sorry for the absence I had a little Labor day weekend part at my house so I was preoccupied with many visitors and guest coming and going.

First things first, the almost kiss last week has completely angered Tomari. Not to mention completely confused all three of them. It starts with Yasuna sitting in her bedroom doing a wonderful sketch of Hazumu and flashing back on the things Tomari said to her about hurt Hazumu before. You can kind of see it in her face as if she knows how wrong she was for hurting Hazumu the first time, while she was still a boy. Yet she hugs the picture affectionately and still looks smitten. It flashes over to Hazumu’s home where she is having a test done by Jan-Puu and Sato, whom has noticed how in love Yasuna and Hazumu seem to be. he questions Hazumu who gets really embarrassed. Obviously because homosexuality isn’t looked at in as bright of a spot light as heterosexual relationships. Sato then questions the legality or acceptance of it on Earth to which Hazumu seems to feel indifferent about. Kind of feels like a hint hint to me that shes comfortable with it but uncomfortable how others might react.

The next day at school Tomari still upset by Yasuna trying to steal Hazumu away from her is breaking track records with the running team because she’s so pumped up from the anger. After practice she runs into Yasuna while the two have a stare off Hazumu walks up and escorts Yasuna into the school before her and Tomari begin talking. Tomari now completely crushed emotionally already gets completely ignored by Hazumu! Not even an ohayo! Awfully cold hearted if you want my opinion. Inside the girls locker room Yasuna compliments Hazumu on a very lady like movement, which in my opinion came off as Yasuna hitting on Hazumu but I could be wrong. What really leads me to believe this is the fact Tomari who overheard comes rushing in to break up the scene with an angry look and demanding tone of voice. Asking the same question Yasuna asked of Hazumu. Will you be my partner on a portrait sketching art field trip. Thus giving her a You VS. You situation. Who does she pick?…

A quick note before you find out :)..on Jan-Puu. She’s actually just what I assume is the computer mind of the alien ship put into a synthetic human body yet fr the first time I see another emotion besides her normal touchy feeling constantly hugging Hazumu self. She gets highly defensive at one point and tells Hazumu to be careful. Not suggesting she’ll be a 3rd choice for Hazumu but just a little heads up on another possible option for not only Hazumu but maybe someone else. Also Yasuna has another episode where she is seeing the men as dark shadows. Hazumu has yet to notice this however Sato immediately picks up on it. He has Hazumu come to the art room with him to look at pictures Yasuna painted the previous year. Yasuna looks at the picture well before realizing none of the men in the picture she did have colors. They just large oval shaped characters with no features, faces or color. But for some reason..Hazumu does despite being a male back then. Obviously this could be due to the fact of how feminine he was as Yasuna told him that in the first episode during a flashback I believe. I’m still sticking to my sexual abuse idea. Only something traumatic could do that to a girl.

Ok now! Back to who she chooses! *drum roll* Both of them! Did you see that coming? Yeah so did I! :) The three sat alone and begin sketching one another when they suddenly begin bickering over how they each see Hazumu. Another stern lecture from Tomari ensues much like the one at the end of episode 4. During the middle of the lecture or screaming fit, whichever you would please! I say lecture because I feel bad for Tomari. :( But anyway, during the middle of it you get a shot of Hazumu sitting wide eyed, I think she suddenly realizes that maybe Tomari has always felt something for her too, even as a boy. She looks genuinely surprised by it though. Hazumu ends up screaming at Tomari to stop and once again Tomari comes off like the bad girl.

Now back at school Yasuna has taken what Tomari said to heart she intends to leave Hazumu be, though Hazumu refuses to let it happen and at one point snatches Yasuna by the arm and turns her around very romantically and tell her she needs to know more about Yasuna, in fact everything about her! Oooooooo! :p Finally it appears Yasuna is going to explain the shadow figure men thing. It showed a small bit but it appeared her father got angry at her but it never explain beyond that. If he abused her or sexually abused her. For now it still appears to be a guess though at least were sure on the culprit now. Yasuna then explains why she shot Hazumu down as a boy. She was the first boy she could see since the incident. Yasuna was scared if she got to close to Hazumu she would fade away like her father did but now that she has become a girl Yasuna doesn’t fear Hazumu fading away. She also goes on to tell Hazumu she has been in love since first sight! The whole scene is highly emotional and gave me cold chills! One of the better conversations I’ve seen since Maria. Now that Yasuna has admitted all these feelings she’s filled with confusion again because I think the though of being lesbian scares her still even though it’s what she wants. It scared me initially! She takes of in tears and runs away from Hazumu!

After an episode Yasuna gathers herself in another part of the school. She suddenly looks confident and goes on her way to find Hazumu. Who by the way is still sitting in the same place in shock. Yasuna walks in grabs both of Hazumu’s hands, leans over to hug her and whispers not wanting to have anymore regret about her feelings. I’m assuming the homosexual feelings not the love in general. As Yasuna pull her head back and looks into Hazumu’s eyes preparing to kiss her Hazumu reassures herself it’s OK to accept these often though of as unatural feelings because of the pain Yasuna suffered though. A beautiful kissing scene begins from a distance as the two hold one another’s hands..and just as you think a happy ending to an episode finally Tomari walks in. In complete shock and disgust she drops all her books, pencils, pens and school supplies. As they crash to the ground her eyes appear as if tear will begin to as well. All three completely wide eyed look at each other as the episode goes off to the beautiful ending theme….

In the previews for episode 6 Tomari is seen getting ready to kiss Hazumu, and it’s titled the Bride and the Groom. Tomari would be the groom I’m assuming, remembering back to the girls teasing her about being the perfect prince. I’m left wondering if Hazumu embraces this kiss or if it’s forced on her…knowing Tomari’s abrasive nature. I wonder if the favored be returned to Yasuna and she walks in on Tomari and Hazumu? To setup for the last half of the series I would imagine Tomari would begin having to do some good and attract Hazumu as well. A one pony show just doesn’t fit in this situation. I’m going to watch episode 6 now, I might blog it I might not until tomorrow. But expect it no later than tomorrow!

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  1. Jona Says:

    Me9ta : Shiro en a peut eatre dans le pantalon mais il a rien dans le crane, il pre9fe8re se btatre plutf4t que Saber le fasse e0 sa place, c est comme si il de9posait son e9pe9e pour combattre e0 mains nues un ennemi qui lui aurait garde9 son e9pe9e stupide :p Sinon pour Shun, j ai he9site9, sa tendance e0 toujours appeler son fre8re e0 la rescousse me saoulait pas mal mais pas autant que la capacite9 de Saori a toujours se foutre (et par la meame ses chevaliers) dans la merde. Et puis Shun est tout de meame puissant.Et sinon, je suis assez d accord avec Otaxou, sur le he9ros de Dokuro-chan ^^

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