Kashimashi Episode 6 Impressions

Wow it seems as the episodes go on my posts are getting longer and longer! So if you’re still hanging with me.. it’s go time. :D After the last episodes shocking end it picks up right where it left off. Tomari apologizes for interrupting and completely plays off the significance of the event. She ask Hazumu if the two are now a couple and as Hazumu begins stuttering Tomari carries on about her business in what appears to me to be a fit of shock. Tomari goes to the back of the class giggling and talking to herself about how wonderful it is that Hazumu and Yasuna are a couple then picks up something she forgot. As Tomari goes to exit the classroom Hazumu jump up from where her and Yasuna are and screams out to Tomari. As Hazumu goes to chase after her Yasuna snatches her by the arm selfishly and wont let go. It looked selfish to me anyway. I’m slightly partial to Tomari though, Yasuna appears very selfish to me. Yasuna starts emotionally thanking Hazumu for accepting her. I’m unable to figure out if she means for allowing Yasuna to kiss her or if Yasuna took the kiss as an acceptance of a relationship.

Tomari is seems running out of the school still talking to herself and reassuring herself how wonderful it is that Yasuna and Hazumu are a real couple now. Obviously hiding her real feelings from herself. Tomari continues running and ends up at the river where she takes a seat and looks completely depressed. I felt really bad for Tomari and actually teared up a bit(as usual!) She starts to remember a time when her and Hazumu were children and playing in the same exact spot. It’s of Hazumu and Tomari deciding that one day they would get married when they got older. Hazumu is telling Tomari she wants to be her bride one day. Tomari explains to Hazumu that boys can’t be brides they have to be grooms. Hazumu promises to be Tomari groom after he understands. I’ll touch back on this a bit later! :) Back in real time.. O_O Tomari appears as though she took this promise back then serious and starts telling herself that she shouldn’t expect that because they were only kids basically.

The next morning to Hazumu’s surprise Tomari is knocking on her door as she always does ready to walk to school with her. n the way to school Tomari blurts out how wonderful it is Hazumu and Yasuna are a couple to Ayuki and Asuta. She kind of forefully sends Hazumu on her way to go walk with Yasuna who was standing in the distance. As Tomari, Asuta and Ayuki walk away Hazumu gets a look of regret on her face as if she has lost her friends. Not only that I think she’s used to Tomari being her protector and she thinks she has lost that as well. Now starts a series of refusals by Tomari to do anything she normally does for Hazumu. First it’s class notes, Tomari tells Hasumu to copy Yasuna’s instead. In a rather smart assed tone from what I picked up. This leads me to believe Hazumu noticing Tomari loves her as well, she’s not just jealous she’s upset. As Tomari runs off with Ayuki it leaves a rather crushed look on Hazumu’s face. Go Tomari go! :p After school Hazumu hides in wait of Tomari to ambush her hoping she can’t refuse or duck her and ask her if she would eat lunch. Tomari again rather sarcastically happy turns it down and suggest she’d just be in the way of Yasuna and Hazumu.

Yasuna watches the hallway meeting happen from a distance and looks upset. I’m not sure if it’s her being selfish and jealous that Hazumu wants to be around Tomari or if shes upset because she can see the pain on Hazumu’s face after losing such a friendship with Tomari. Hazumu and Yasuna have lunch together after Tomari’s refusal with Hazumu sitting in distress. Eventually she sees that Yasuna looks what I take as angry and hides her feelings away to please her. Yasuna invites Hazumu to her house where the first sexual moment beyond the kiss is hinted upon. While playing with her dog Yasuna is knocked down and catches Hazumu looking up her skirt. She jumps up and pulls her skirt down instantly and both get very embarrassed.

As they begin to find out things about each other and get to know one another better they find some things they have in common. As the two begin to hold hands and prepare to make out Hazumu has Tomari flash before her eyes when trying to kiss Yasuna. She is unable to kiss Yasuna and apologizes to her. The scene flashes to Hazumu’s house later that night where she’s taking a bath trying to understand her feelings for Tomari. Why is she thinking of Tomari during such a passionate moment? I know why! :p

Remember the flash back Tomari had of the promise to get married? Hazumu finally remembers it while in deep thought! She gets dressed and runs out of her house to track down Tomari after realizing that Tomari may have taken that promise seriously and it’s very important to her. As she runs down the street Hazumu flashes the entire conversation through her mind. Guess where Tomari is? Right where the promise was made :) at the river. OK remember when I said I would touch back on something? Well here’s the touch! Tomari is sitting by the river remember a specific part that hadn’t been show before during the flash back. Hazumu upset by Tomari saying she didn’t want a crybaby groom and Hazumu had to be more manly. Back in real time Hazumu comes running screaming for Tomari! She goes up to Tomari and holds her by the face as Tomari tries to look away from her. It appears to me as if Hazumu is trying to get out an “I love you” but is unable as Tomari pushes her hands away. Hazumu is able to get out that Tomari is important to her and wants Tomari by her side for the rest of her life. As she gears up to try the I love you again Tomari slaps her in the face! She basically throws her jealousy out ni the open and tells Hazumu she’s happy with Yasuna not her. Hazumu tells Tomari she wants both of them to be by her side and can’t go on with Tomari by her side!

She then proceeds to admit that while trying to kiss Yasuna all she could think of was Tomari because of the promise they made right there many years ago. It looks like to me Tomari is shocked Hazumu remembered. Not completely sure though. Hazumu takes off and begins jumping acrossed river stones that lead to the island in the middle. She screams out to Tomari and ask her if she still remembers everything[from the flashback]. The last part of it is then shown, Hazumu as a little boy standing a few river stones out from the bank agreeing to Tomari’s terms that if he were to reach the island in the middle he would be manly enough to be Tomari’s groom. Tomari remembers and takes off running through the water after Hazumu. When they meet Tomari ask Hazumu to kiss her if she really means what she is saying. As Tomari leans in to kiss her Hazumu looks terrified and Tomari in midstream changes the kiss to a hug realize Hazumu was scared. Both of them hold one another with tears in their eyes (me too…again) as Hazumu tells Tomari she can’t be her groom now..she can be her bride. As the show goes off Tomari finally stops hiding from her feelings and proclaims twice her love for Hazumu.

OK that episode made me cry twice! I must be awfully emotional tonight, as usual I guess. :p Now that these two also seem to be on a path of love what happens to the story? Do her and Tomari begin getting closer in terms of a relationship with Yasuna on the outside looking in? Nothing was shown after Hazumu backed away from Yasuna during a kiss..did Yasuna take this as a break up..how did that go? It shifted scenes without explanation. I don’t understand how Hazumu can say it’s too soon to kiss Tomari? They’ve been best friends since childhood. Yet Yasuna is new on the scene. Could that have been a pity kiss for Yasuna? The next episode is the classic beach episode filler junk it looks like but we’ll see. The beach may be a perfect place to get some alone time for the triangle girls leading to some serious conversations.

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