Kashimashi Episode 7 Impressions

Well first I’ll start by saying it was mostly the generic beach episode just as a chance to see some swimsuit animations. But beyond that the few moments of seriousness were quite enjoyable. It was actually a nice break in what has turned into a highly emotional series that I wasn’t expected given the nature of the first episode.

Asuta’s feelings for Hazumu finally start working their way out. It was actually rather touching at one point when he rescued Hazumu from a few guy hitting on her. I think he has fallen in love with Hazumu so fast not only because of the physical attraction but more so because as best friends for so many years they’re so close to one another. During a scene where it appears he has worked up the courage to tell Hazumu his true feelings it appears as if Hazumu sees what is coming and gently let’s him down while at the same time making their friendship even stronger. I’m curious to see how their friendship starts re-developing. Will he be a protector or will he continue on with that awkward feeling in his pants every time he sees her haha!

The development of Tomari-Yasuna was quite interesting too this episode. As an answer to Tomari asking why Yasuna invited her along on the beach trip she replies by what almost sounds like envy to me. She wanted all of Hazumu’s friends around so she could learn to love the same thing Hazumu does because she knows so little about her. Which once again makes her come off as selfish in my eyes. There’s also a scene where they’re eating and everyone is gagging on Yasuna’s food because it’s too spicy. Tomari looks at her with sadness almost as if she actually feels sorry for Yasuna because of how embarrassed she looked. Which at that point led me to believe there was a chance for this love triangle to spread into a different direction. Which I suppose is still possible. In the closing moments on the train ride home with everyone asleep except Tomari and Yasuna something that shocked me even more than the actual communication of the two earlier. Tomari tells Yasuna she is also in love with Hazumu because she loves her. Which is redundant but that’s how I translated it.

So where does this leave Yasuna and Tomari…? Rivals, friends, potential lovers? I guessing it starts out as rivals then eventually turns to friends. The potential lover guess is a bit off the wall but one sexually tense moment can change that considering how close the two will become no matter if it’s through rivalry or friendship. Also nothing important but Jan-Puu has revealed herself to the entire group finally. Though Ayuki seems to have a hint she’s not related to Hazumu nor is she human. Oh and one more bit, here’s some bikini shots just in case anyone was curious -^_^-! So kawaiiiiiiiii!

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    this was a good episode, but my favorite is ep2

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