Kashimashi Episode 8 Impressions

Two in one night, I’m on a roll! Oh and neither one has gotten me crying yet tonight -^_^-. As an answer to my previous question from episode 7 about where do Asuta and Hazumu go now…it appears to be the same. He’s still highly embarrassed around her. So don’t expect any changes the rest of the series from him so it seems. Also a side note Masumi Asano the voice actress for Ayuki sings the ending theme for this episode. Quite nicely too I might add. I’m looking forward to the rest of the episodes ending themes. I understand 9-11 will be done by the three main female characters and a new song will be introduced to end the series with episode 12.

The title of this one led me to believe it was more filler as it seemed to be focused on Ayuki and named “Just Watching…” Though it’s actually a beautiful insight to who Ayuki is and where she stands. Ayuki gets paired up with Yasuna and it seems as though Yasuna is uncomfortable because she doesn’t know her well. As they begin to talk Ayuki finds out Yasuna is beginning to develop a wonderful personality. They two share a moment about Hazumu and then Yasuna figures out the one thing Ayuki never expected anyone to notice. That she is also in love with Hazumu. Though Ayuki admittedly refuses to take initiative and would rather watch from afar. Once again she admits it when her as Hazumu are alone in what seems like a moment when Hazumu has an epiphany that all this time Ayuki has liked her also. Near the end of the episode Ayuki watches the three girls from a distance and looks overjoyed to see Hazumu from a distance growing into what’s been forced on her. I wonder if Ayuki’s repeated statements refusing to take initiative on anything span through everything she does or simply Hazumu? She made a statement to Yasuna as well that maybe she was spreading her wings (reference to a butterfly flying for the first time). It could be a fear of getting to close to anything beautiful in fear of losing it.

The relationship of Tomari and Yasuna continued to grow. Tomari actually visits Yasuna’s house with photos from the beach she made copies of for Yasuna. They have a discussion that kind of shows some doubt from Yasuna. A picture of Tomari hugging Hazumu and Yasuna next to them. Yasuna wonders if Hazumu is happy because of her or Tomari being there. It appears as though they’re going to be rivals but in a friendly way now. As Tomari actually invites Yasuna along knowing she could have had Hazumu all to herself for a night. The two of them end up paired together by the end of the night and become pretty good friends! Remember what I mentioned in the last post of one sexually awkward moment changing everything..well it was close..I can see this triangle getting a lot more interesting now! What if Yasuna and Tomari begin having feelings for one another as well? The way they stood on the roof giggling before Hazumu interupted them it appeared it could be even more possible than I suspected. Only at one point did I see any ill will between Tomari and Yasuna. When Hazumu was scared they both wanted to comfort her and each ended up with one arm. It was almost as if Yasuna was trying to be like Tomari to make Hazumu like her more. Which in term angered Tomari a bit.

I’ve been thinking too much tonight so I think it’s time for me to call it quits. It’s getting late and I need my beauty sleep! I’m not even going to proof read this tonight cause I’m so tired. So you can laugh at me for now! :) <3

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