Kashimashi Episode 9 Impressions

Ok I really only have one major issue I want to focus on in this episode it’s the relationship of Tomari and Yasuna. But first, the ending theme was this time sung by Hazumu’s voice actress, Kana Ueada and it was again beautiful.

The girls all decide to head to the Kashima Shrine festival! Meaning they’ll all be wearing yukatas! Tomari agrees to wear one, for what seems to be the first time ever in order to combat Yasuna’s decision to wear one. Still appearing to feel competitive with her for Hazumu. Seems like she has never worn one as she rushes out of the restaurant to run home and ask her mother to buy her one. Which leads to a comedic moment where her mother call sher father and tell him to come home because Tomari is finally acting like a girl. Now for what I feel is one of the more important moments. Tomari, out shopping, runs into Yasuna whom then takes Tomari home with her to let her borrow a yukata and apparently dress her in it. Yasuna tries to play it off as a return for the favor of inviting her on the experiment at the school though Tomari defers that in a much similar way by suggesting it was for Yasuna inviting her to the beach. Then they have a moment where they realize how much alike the two of them are. Both telling the other “You don’t like it when I’m with Hazumu do you?”

As the episode goes on Tomari and Yasuna have a couple moments where they laugh together because once again they’re thinking the exact same thing. They seem to be getting closer by the minute. Which shocks me because Tomari is so competitive I figured she wouldn’t be able to put up with Yasuna. Though it appears as usual, I’m wrong . :)~

Early in the episode when they were at the restaurant deciding if they should go tot he festival or not there was a moment where Hazumu had to make a choice for a drink and both Tomari and Yasuna offered suggestions to her. She didn’t know which to pick because she didn’t want to hurt the others feelings. Later in the show a similar situation takes place except Yasuna is offering a candy apple and Tomari a takoyaki (which is octopus :p). Hazumu takes off running after telling them she had to use the bathroom. As she sits in the woods hiding she has a conversation with Sora where she has a flashback to a moment when she was a child and couldn’t choose which color of cotton candy and got neither as time ran out for her to make a decision (it started raining). As Hazumu begins crying and realizing the same could happen with Yasuna and Tomari she is overheard by the two of them standing in the bushes listening.

Both Tomari and Yasuna looks genuinely hurt at the thought of Hazumu’s pain. So before I say this next part yes I’m over my hate of Yasuna and she’s not selfish, I was wrong, once again! Yasuna appears to tell Tomari that the two of them need to work together and make it so Hazumu can have both of whatever they offer rather than making her choose. So basically it appears they have called the competition off for now and will allow Hazumu to keep all three together until she can make a decision. As the episode ends all three are holding hands watching fireworks and look very happy together.

I’m left feeling confused.. I have absolutely no clue what so ever who will end up with Hazumu now. Will Ayuki play any part as her role seems to be increasing. With only three episodes left though I doubt it. I wonder if it’s possible the series ends with all three being in love together and that’s just it, they live happily ever after? I actually kind of scared to about the outcome because I’m going to be left with a sick feeling my stomach for whoever ends up alone, unless they end up with Ayuki? I’m going to watch the next episode now I’ll try and write it up tonight if I can. Also I can’t get enough of Jan-Puu’s hotness! Here are the yukata pictures -^_^-!

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