Kashimashi OVA Impressions

Well, two so far tonight! I haven’t cried yet though! I’m doing good so far! :D I sure am glad to hear this into song again, I was worried they would change it. It’s a beautiful track and deserved to stay where it was. They even played the entire thing on the OVA so check it out there if you’re unable to locate it elsewhere. :) I’m going to write this one as I watch it I think as I’m a big short on time right now. I have some school work I need to at least start on tonight.

Owwww Christmas time special episode!!! I love those -^_^-. It’s been four months in Kashimashi time since the end of the series and it apears Tomari and Hazumu are no longer on speaking terms after the incidents of episode 12. Yasuna appears to have gotten very close with not only Ayuki but Asuta as well now. Tomari no longer comes around when Hazumu or Yasuna are present. It’s almost like Yasuna is in Tomari’s old spot in the group. She even gives Asuta dirty looks when he’s thinking about something perverted where Tomari used to in his words “enter with a flying kick”!

Namiko sensei is now on year 36 without a boyfriend and appears unable to think about anything but Hitoshi (the alien). Yasuna speaks of having freedom with Ayuki and appears to have dumped Hazumu for a second time because she now feels like she can handle being without her. I imagine that’s due to her beating the mental battle she had with the shadow people. It’s almost like she did it for Hazumu’s sake, as if she fears becoming too reliant on Hazumu that she may hurt her.

Tomari is definitely ignoring Hazumu whom chases after her on the track while Tomari is practicing. Tomari refuses to acknowledge her presence. Ayuki shows up later to once again be the mediator between her [Tomari] and Hazumu. She tells Tomari she needs to give Hazumu an answer of some type, good or bad.

The end of episode 12 where Yasuna wills her hand away from Hazumu was shown in a flashback and it explains why the two aren’t together. Yasuna tells Hazumu she needs to walk on her own to get stronger and Hazumu accepts it and says she supports Yasuna. Though it looked like she was a bit hurt to me but hiding it.

Later on Hazumu has a Christmas party and Yasuna, Ayuki and Asuta all come but Tomari never shows up after she gets off work. Ayuki forces Asuta out of the house where Yasuna who appears to be planning something ask Hazumu on a date to Kashima mountain with her. Tomari is home staring at the invitation Hazumu left in her mailbox for the Christmas party. Ayuki shows up and kidnaps her with Asuta and they take her to Kashima mountain. When Tomari arrives she instantly knows Yasuna is behind it all. After calling her out Yasuna emerges to reassure Tomari she is completely fine with stepping aside and allowing the two of them [Tomari&Hazumu] to be together. The other half of the ending that took part after episode 12 where Hazumu jump the rocks and calls out to Tomari is shown in another flashback. After Yasuna dumped her again she told Tomari she loved her and wanted to be by her side. Almost an identical feeling to what she initially said about Yasuna. Tomari in anger walked off and never responded. Which throughout the episode has been the issue, a response.

Tomari continues up the mountain steps to meet Hazumu to give her an answer. As Tomari head down proceeds to give Hazumu and answer she braces for the worst fearing Tomari still hates her. When Tomari’s head lifts she teary eyed and full of joy proclaiming Hazumu to be her bride! I FINALLY GOT MY PROPER ENDING :) and I cried a little bit too :p. I knew it was just a matter of time! Jan-Puu shows up in an angel outfit and magically transforms Tomari and Hazumu clothes into bride gowns! Which look great on them! The Jan-Puu creates a beautiful floating church in the sky with a set of glass like steps leading down tot he Kashima mountain. Hazumu grabs Tomari and picks her up then carries her up the steps! when they reach the top..guess who it is! Hitoshi all decked out in a church gown ready to marry the two with a kiss! Tomari stubborn down to the last second tells Hazumu she has to close her eyes before they kiss haha.

Ayuki, Asuta and Yasuna watch on from the ground and Ayuki notices tears dripping from Yasuna’s eyes. She offers a shoulder almost what felt to me like she was setting Tomari free so she had an open shoulder now. Not sure I could have took it wrong. Hitoshi uses his magical space guy powers to power up a fake Santa sleigh and reindeer as a charriot with the whole gang aboard including Jan-Puu. As they take off the church disappears and Tomari leans over to thank Yasuna for allowing the two of her and Hazumu to be together. Even Hitoshi and Namiko found one another finally! As they appear to begin leaning in for a kiss they both disappear! How cute!!

Absolutely beautiful series especially given the fact I got my favorite possible outcome with the help of this OVA! -^_^- I haven’t cried this much since Maria. Get off my back. :) Some people get their feelings off in movies and some in books…I watch anime! :p Here’s a load of beautiful pictures from the closing events as well! I’m definitely going to watch this series again as soon as I get a chance, start to finish and rate it again. Right now I’m giving it 8.5/10. Not including the OVA I would probably say 7/10 because I just didn’t get the same feeling of love with Yasuna and Hazumu as is did with Tomari and Hazumu. Thus ending with the unfavorable pair wouldn’t have made me as happy. -^_^-

So until next time kids! I’m thinking about doing Kannazuki no Miko next. I still want to catch up on impressions of Maria and a few others though.

The Wedding

Namiko and Hitoshi

The Final Kiss!

The Sleigh Ride!

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