Aria The Animation Episode 5


Hilarious how Alice, Akari and Aika get tricked into thinking they’re going on a vacation and all run into one another on a deserted island. It was actually their trainers Alicia and Akira who sent them fake invitations in the mail! I had to lol. I figured it was them though because you can’t have a obligatory beach episode without all the cute main characters -^_^-. Also “President” which I think is mistranslated from Mascot possibly.. Aria is after “President” Hime..they’re cats of course but he is rejected time and time again :D. Funny little side story done completely visually and without taking away from the bigger picture.

They’re invited with swimsuits under false pretense of a vacation, yet it’s actually a training exercise. It’s actually pretty neat to see Akira and Alicia be friendly with one another and have a good time training the girls. Athena has yet to appear and is mentioned by Akira to have gone to the wrong island. Not sure if she’ll show later in the episode or not. But for the time being Alice is under supervision of the other two seniors (Akira/Alicia).

The girls are really creating a bond, as the three of them completely exhausted only halfway through the day lay in the sand on their backs. Aika and Alice are complaining while Akari makes a bit of sense. She talks on how beautiful is is to get blisters on their hands and be completely worn out because the three of them are doing it together rather than alone. While hesitant it seems the other two tend to agree at least partially! The three of them are really cute together, this might not be a yuri as I like but the story it’s just so laid back and cute I don’t understand how anyone could not like it!

I’m finally starting to see the lighter side of Akira too, I can see why her and Alicia were such great friends as children. She’s really tough and hard nosed but under her skin as Alicia mentioned in a earlier episode Akira is really a nice person with a kind heart. She even allows the girls to take the rest of the day off and have fun! The girls having heard her say this sit there mouths dragging in complete disbelief. Akira tries to blame it on Alicia insisting but I think she really wanted to do it anyways! It’s just her way of not appearing weak in any way shape or form. Akira even let’s the girls bury her in the sand at one point!

The four of Aika, Akira, Alicia and Akari go scuba diving together in what looks like student teacher pairs. Alica and Akari hold hands while they swim and share a few cute little moment under the sea together. Nothing too yuri, but cute. Alice seems a bit lonely without Athena. I’m very curious to see what type of person she is and if she is also a friend of Akira and Alicia from child hood. I guess eventually we’ll find out!

Alice and Akari are both a bit scared to jump from a cliff into the water but hold hands with one another and take the plunge. Sounds like they started regretting it as soon as their feet left the cliff! The build sand castles together and just have an all out good time together. I think this is the most we’ve seen Alice smile and be happy since she was introduced to the series.

That night they have a cookout and you see more lighter side of Akira paired with her and Alicia friendly with one another. So cute -^_^-. Then as everyone sleeps Akari walks out of the tent to the beach and is surprised by Alicia with a blanket for her to keep the wind off her. They share a beautiful moment where Alicia is almost like an older sister/motherly figure with her and explains some life lesson type things to her about old memories. She begins crying when a hair ribbon she lost earlier suddenly washes up on the beach, very cute moment. My first tears of the series! I’m such a baby! :p

Looks like we’ll finally meet Athena in the next episode, from the previews they showed a picture of her. Also they mention her beautiful singing voice. Athena is a fitting name, I suppose it makes sense -^_^-!

Akari Arrives On The Island

The Girls Meet Up

Not Really A Vacation!

Alice In a Swimsuit!

Akari In a Swimsuit!

Aika In a Swimsuit!

Kitty Fun!

The Girls Work Hard and Get Fun Time!

Alice and Akari Jump Together!

Akari Loses Her Hair Bow :(

Akira The Dinner Chef!

Alicia Takes Cares of Akari!

Akari’s Hair Bow Returns

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