Aria The Animation Episode 7


As the next episode begins Ai and Akari are writing again..Ai mentions being scolded for being too slow getting ready. Moments later Akari, Alice and Aika are scolded for the exact same thing. I think a lot of Ai is how Akari was when she originally came to Aqua from Man-Home (Earth). Todays episode appears to be Akira training the three girls how to entertain customers and how to take care of them. They get to ride along with her on actual jobs! What I can’t figure out though is that if all three companies are rivals..why are the girls trained together? Maybe it’ll get explained later or maybe not, there wouldn’t be much of a show if they didn’t I guess!

Maa-kun now President Maa, President Aria and President Hime are all aboard as well. Maa is seen attack Aria again :DDDD I can’t tell if Maa is trying to drink milk from Aria like a mother or if it’s actually attacking Aria lol! Also a translation note, I’ve been trying to figure out what word they were using for “President”..I know the various normal forms of it..but shacho wasn’t familiar to me. It actually literally means “company president” like a CEO. Now it makes sense to me. I was hearing shacho and I’m like..uhh that’s not a word I know and I was unable to locate it in any of my text books either. But anyways enough about my stupidity!

Akira rides a honeymooning couple and the girls and presidents around for a bit and shows that loving nice side of her again. It ends up the husband somewhat offends her and suggest anyone can be an Undine after fearing riding with one of the girls at the helm. His wife and Akira talk him into practicing with the girls later that evening..Uh oh Akira you know what that means! Prepare to be yelled at!

The training session actually shows a lot of the girls.. Akari is scolded for being too inattentive when waving at her friend Woody, the flying sky bike fed-ex man O_O.. Aika for rowing too fast, or increasing her speed at too high of a rate and Alice for being too timid when calling out at a intersection to warn other Gondola’s she is approaching. Meaning…Akari is a bit unfocused from time to time in conversation and the world around her, Aika is too aggressive and Alice is too timid. At least that’s my interpretation of this little exercise and what they were trying to point out to us. You do see Alice’s natural talent shine through though and she even draws a compliment from Akira!

We get to see Alicia for a bit as she stops in during lunch and eats with the girls, the honeymooners and Akira. A nice little scene just restating how kind and caring Alicia is.

The girls are put to the test and must overcome a serious obstacle, the water has risen and they can’t travel normal routes.. they find a secret way through a couple sets of flood gate like doors. After it’s done Akira seems very pleased and treats them and the newly weds to a giant margarita style pizza! It takes the husband of the couple to make the girls recognize it but Akira’s harsh words and scolding are out of love. I teared up a tiny bit >.>…but hey so did Aika after they made it out! But they called her a crybaby and teased her >.< !

There was a scene earlier in the episode when the couple had paid to ride the Gondola where Akira takes a guide book away from the husband and tells him to enjoy the city on his own. Basically meaning get your nose out of the book. It offends him and the book ends up in the water, Akira gets it back for him and lays it on the front of the gondola to dry. During the second session where the couple has volunteered to ride during practice he continues to read his book. At the very end of the episode it seems he’s finally gotten the message as they get up and leave the pizza parlor he leaves the book sitting on a chair and walks away from it. It looks like the girls gave him a life changing trip/experience -^_^-.

The Girls Meet In Front of Hime
The Lucky Couple

Maa Attacks Aria Again

Akira Takes His Book

Akira Takes A Detour

He Thinks Anybody Can Do It X_X

Practice Begins!

Alicia Comes For Lunch

Practice Begins Again..The Girls Are Stuck!

The Girls Escape!

Pizza After Practice -^_^-

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