Kannazuki no Miko Episode 10

OK This is going to be packed with pictures. Cute episode for the most part, Chikane is back with Himeko so there’s plenty of love going on :). It’s still hard for me to get through the end of this series though. I’m basically just going back through episodes and taking pictures. I already have the impressions jotted down in a note type form. So I’m cleaning them up some and doing the picture thing. It’s a bit better re watching the second time but my impressions still stay the same.

Himeko has to perform the ceremony all alone because Chikane is no longer around. In the last episode you saw her growth as a human being when Mako talked her into being strong and Himeko agreed to do the ceremony. Himeko still seems obsessed with Chikane Which is weird after what Chikane has done to Himeko up to this point. I suppose though all the good she has done could possibly outweigh the one bad incident. Maybe Himeko still has hope that if she can speak with Chikane she can talk her out of what she’s doing. Or maybe she can learn the reason behind what she’s doing. Himeko I think feels as if she may have done something wrong to deserve it.

Himeko unable to finish the ceremony earlier in the day returns home and starts looking at photos of her and Chikane. She seems to almost draw more mental power from the pictures of them together. Himeko takes off running through the night to the shrine to try to preform the ceremony again and succeeds. You’ve really gotten a chance to see Chikane grow up from the start of the series until now. She’s almost a different person than she was originally. It appears Himeko was there all night trying to get the ceremony right because when she does it’s now bright outside. Poor Himeko :| she must be dead tired.

During the ceremony you get to see why all the Orochi are evil. Each has their own reason, abandoned by god (church destroyed), manipulated by war (family murdered by war), betrayed by dreams (raped it seems), hurt by failure (unable to become a successful artist) and strangers to pity (guinea pig for testing). Pictures to match each character below.

After Himeko gets the ceremony done she summons two swords, the Lunar Priestess blade and the Solar Priestess blade. When Chikane receives hers in the Orochi world she reveals a wicked and almost unsettling smile.

Oogami talks with Himeko and tells her he’ll be boarding the Ame no Murakumo (the main thing she summoned with the ceremony). He also tells her he’ll fight Chikane, which seems to upset her as she says she can’t fight Chikane herself. Oogami vows to protect her and kisses Himeko on the head which shocks her but seems to put a smile on her face.

Himeko says that she wants to talk to Chikane so she can understand why she is doing this or what she did wrong. Guess what? When she returns home she sees a light from outside the mansion. As she runs up the steps and bust through the doors of the lit room Chikane sits at the piano playing O_O..She seems normal, something must be up. Himeko seems hesitant to bring up the whole “Hey you’re evil what the hell did you do that for!?” issue. Chikane wraps Himeko’s hand she hurt during the ceremony, cooks dinner for her and tells her to relax basically whens Himeko tries to help cook. They take a bath together…Chikane brushes Himeko’s hair.. They get dressed up and Chikane plays the Piano for Himeko.

Chikane and Himeko talk in Chikane’s bedroom and she tells her some cute things, such as how the room surrounds her with the scent of the sun a.k.a. Himeko the Solar Priestess. Later alone in her bedroom Chikane is seen holding the two pendants Himeko got for them with their names engraved in them. They were from the night Chikane lost it, she threw them on the floor. Himeko knocks on the door and ask Chikane is she can sleep with her. Obviously Chikane doesn’t mind. In bed together they seem too infatuated with one another to go to sleep, laying face to face starring at one another. Chikane for the first time seems to acknowledge she has done something wrong. She ask Himeko how her hand is and apologizes because it’s probably her fault it was injured. Himeko declines her apology and suggest nothing such as pain is important because Chikane came back home. They both blush a bit and then embrace in the bed together as Himeko begins to cry in her arms. Cute moment I teared up :p.

When Himeko awakens Chikane is gone, well at least that’s what they try to make you think. My first thought was..ugh another dream >.<…But it’s not :). Himeko runs through the house looking for Chikane scared she left. Himeko runs outside in her pajamas and Chikane is standing with a basket full of vegetables looking at Himeko likes she crazy :D. Himeko with tears of joy jumps into Chikanes arms and causes her to drop all the vegetables on the ground. Himeko still unsure if it was a dream gets reassured by Chikane that it isn’t. Chikane ask Himeko a few questions one of which is if she still loves her. Himeko responds telling her that she does love her. Kawaii -^_^-…………..But just when you think things are happy again… Chikane shoves Himeko away from her…then tells her tonight she’s going to kill her…then sticks what appears to be an invitation to her own death between her breast as she walks away leaving Himeko terrified and in tears. How depressing :(.

This series has been so up and down with emotion that I can hardly take it. I knew something had to be up when Chikane magically appeared back home. Also there’s been a few quick flash backs of Chikane covered in blood holding a sword and Himeko had one of herself being stabbed by a sword on a few occasions during the ceremony. I wonder if this is a sign of things to come or if this is something that happened with the previous Priestess? I guess we’ll see eventually but now with only two episodes remaining I think all hope is lost of seeing a happy ending among Chikane and Himeko. Which continues to depress me…

Himekos First Try

Himeko Trys Again And Does It!

The Orochis Sources of Evil

The Solar and Lunar Priestess Swords

Himeko and Oogami Talk

Chikane Returns!

Chikane Fixes Himeko Hand

Chikane Cooks Dinner

Chikane and Himeko Shower

Chikane and Himeko Get Dressed

The Pendants

Himeko and Chikane Sleep Together

Where’s Chikane?!

Chikane Turns Back Evil…
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