Kannazuki no Miko Episode 11

What a sad episode.. It begins with Himeko and Oogami together. Him as usual promising to protect her with his life. Himeko holds the invitation Chikane gave her in the last episode for their “party”. One month to the date of their birthday.

Himeko summons Ame no Murakumo for Oogami and her to pilot and defeat the Orochi. A long fight ensues and as it goes on Oogami begins to be taken over more and more by the Orochi. Eventually in what appears to be a dying effort he gives up his life to make sure Himeko can get to Chikane. I’m not 100% sure he’s dead but it appears that way. Basically he distracted the Orochi long enough where Himeko could make contact with Chikane.

Upon reaching the end of some sort of tunnel in a dream like world. She comes upon the Lunar Shrine. Inside she finds Chikane standing alone. She explains to Himeko it’s all a figment of her imagination created by the Orochi’s power and begins changes the scene repeatedly until Himeko starts screaming at her to stop it. It appears to me as if Himeko is still blaming herself for Chikane turning sides and becoming evil… Probably because she feels bad for dating Oogami now, she must think that upset Chikane. Begging for an explanations prompts Chikane to draw her sword.

Chikane begins relentlessly attacking Himeko with her sword and swinging wildly. At the same time she begins sadistically telling Himeko all the things she loves about her (her eyes, her hair, her lips, her voice, her body and even her breast..which she begins fondling). At the end she mentions what she most loves, as she embraces Himeko, is her heart. I did notice though during the speech by Chikane about the things she loves of Himeko she is blushing the entire time. Himeko is completely unwilling to fight and only defending herself. I can’t tell if Chikane is completely insane or if she has an ulterior motive. Possibly insane with love, that’s been known to happen! :D

Just when you think Chikane has stopped as they’re both on the floor with Chikane holding Himeko lovingly..she grabs that injured hand she wrapped for Himeko and begins squeezing it, causing it to bleed again. As the blood begins to flow from her hand Chikane looks in her eyes and tells her how much she loves her O_O. Chikane tells her that all she wants is a never ending night with Himeko. She wants everyone in the world to die so it can be only them. She then tells Himeko to “dance” with her, meaning fight back this time. The Orochi seems mighty pleased the two Priestesses are fighting one another.

Himeko still unwilling to fight begins questions Chikanes truth in all she has said. She can read it in her eyes that she’s lying. She even jumps into Chikanes arms again and tells Chikane if this is what she really wants then she’ll support her no matter what. I guess thinking that Chikane didn’t really want this and would stop. This leads Chikane to send an arrow at Earth turning the entire planet red, which is seemingly bad. Things begins going downhill instantly on Earth it appears and Chikane stands laughing uncontrollably at what she has just done. I guess Chikane does really want this :(. .

Himeko begins having a flash back to all the people back on Earth she cares about and gets enraged. She begins attacking Chikane swinging wildly at her appearing for the first time to take Chikane as an enemy. Chikane counters with a slash towards Himeko’s throat cutting her important necklace off. Chikane looks upset about the necklace falling to the ground..and as she watches it fall Himeko runs through her with her sword :(. As the scene freezes with blood spurting from Chikane..

I guess this means she’s dead? I can’t see how she could possibly live through that, maybe episode 12 will be about Himeko getting back to a normal life? What a craptastic ending, like I’ve been suspecting since Chikane turned evil. I could be wrong though maybe there’s a chance Chikane lives and turns normal again after the fight. We’ll see but it doesn’t appear a happy ending is in sight :(. The previews of the next episode look to me as if Chikane is possibly apologizing for what she’s done as she dies in Himeko’s arms… Just a guess though. Himeko could just simply love her so much that she holds her until she bleeds out and dies.. :| One more to go! We can only hope for the best!

The Intro

Ame no Murakumo

Himeko Finds Chikane!

Chikanes Changes The Scenery

Chikane Assaults Himeko

Chikane Sickly Loves Himeko :(

Himeko Questions Chikanes Hatred.

Himeko Gets Mad, Chikane….

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