Kannazuki no Miko Episode 12 (Final)


Well I want to start by saying maybe I was a bit to harsh on Kannazuki no Miko originally. I’m actually going to re-write this last impression because the original was written full of rage! lol I think I literally cried from start to finish of the 12th and final episode. What a tear jerker.

We left off with Himeko stabbing Chikane with her sword. We pick back up in the same spot. As Chikane falls to the ground so does Himeko trying to hold her up. Completely shocked at what she has just done. I mean seriously imagine stabbing your true love! Chikane non responsive in Himekos arms causes her to pick the sword back up and prepare to slit her own throat. As she gets it under her chin Chikane gets the strength to stop her. She touches the solar symbol on Himeko’s chest with her hand and unleashes the rest of the episode.

They begins a flashback being narrated but the two in the present. It shows them in their previous lives as priestesses using the Ame no Murakumo to defeat the Orochi. The duty of the priestesses is to defeat the Orochi and seal it away using their power and then rebuilding the world to it’s original form before the Orochi arrived. The flashback also shows the reasoning behind the mental flashes Himeko had when preforming the ceremony that I mistook for the future originally. It shows Chikane killing Himeko much in the same way it just happened to her. It wasn’t on the same terms though. It was a self sacrifice by the past Himeko.

The deal is…one of the two priestesses must sacrifice the other in order to seal the Orochi away. So who knows how many times this has gone on…it could continue for all eternity :(.

Chikane reveals to Himeko that all her evil was a lie. She never did any of those things because she wanted to, she did them all because she had to make Himeko hate her. Otherwise Himeko wouldn’t be strong enough to kill Chikane this time. Chikane says deep down inside subconsciously she’s been suffering from the pain of having to kill the one she loved. She obviously didn’t want to bear that burden again. Which also covers why they couldn’t preform the revival ceremony. Deep down inside Chikane didn’t want the revival to happen because she knew the eventual outcome. Why didn’t Himeko remember? Because she’s the one who died the last time maybe? Chikane also manages to return the hairpin Oogami got Chikane, which she stole earlier out of jealousy for Oogami I think.

As Chikane begins to close her eyes and say farewell Himeko start crying and request one last answer from her. She wants to know if all the evil was a lie if all the “i love yous” from Chikane were also a lie. Chikane seems genuinely shocked by this. I don’t think she has any idea Himeko loves her as well.

I’m also getting the impression that the previous incarnates were a bit different in term of feelings towards one another. It appeared that former Chikane was mostly doing the love thing while former Himeko had more of a sisterly love thing towards Chikane. Just a guess though. I think that because Chikane mentions that her love is different than Himekos love. Himeko tells her she’s wrong, that she is in love with her as well. Thus bring extreme joy to Chikane as she continues to fade away. :(

Chikane continues to argue the fact that she’s bad because of what she has done in past and present. She then seems embarrassed to tell Himeko she wants to hug her and kiss her. That she’s bad because they’re both girls. Himeko tells her that she does as well, that she isn’t bad because she feels the same way. Himeko leans forward, grabs Chikane and gives her a kiss that completely shocks her at first. The two then begin to make out a bit. After that Himeko begins apologizing for leaving Chikane alone and doing things with Oogami. That she should have been with her all along. The two then begin kissing again after a tear jerking moment for me. Himeko tells her Happy Birthday, since they never got to celebrate on their actual birthday. This causes Chikane to break down and begins crying, leading me to more crying, of course.

Scene shifts to them naked inside of a mech? I think, kind of lost me there. Pics though :P. Oogami is revived by his brother and once again sacrifices himself to protect Himeko. This time he HAS to be dead lol.

After that the two girls seems to be what’s a dream world/limbo before death where things are what the girls want not what they really are. As seen in pictures below “Dream World?”. Their spot in the rose garden is there, they sit together in their school uniforms taking pictures and looking at old ones. Himeko begins telling Chikane all the things they’re going to do and then breaks down in tears realizing they’ll never be able to do it. What a sad little moment, from pure joy to instant tears. Much like the time Chikane returned home for one night only to give Himeko a invite to their eventual sword fight.

Himeko promises Chikane that because this time there feelings are mutual she wont forget when they’re reincarnated. The last time they weren’t mutual so Himeko seemed to forget. Just then the Ame no Murakumo come alive blowing the imaginary rose garden away and sucking Chikane into the sky as Himeko holds onto her hand unwilling to let go. Eventually she has to as her grip continues to slip… :( Chikane is taken the a Shrine on the moon where she speaks with Ame no Murakumo I believe, whom locks her in the shrine. Which I symbolize for her current life dying and her being reborn.

Magically the world takes a step back to the day the series started, originally leading you to believe it was simply a dream.

Much like the beginning of the series Oogami wants to speak with Himeko before her birthday. Out on the hill where they spoke before she informs him that she can’t go out with him because there’s someone she’s waiting for. So it seems she has remember Chikane this time! :) The scene shifts to Oogami’s house and the same things seems to be happening. It’s like deja vu! Otoha is seen starring into the tree where she remember Chikane when they were kids almost as if she remembers. All the Orochi are seen leading normal lives, I suppose maybe only every so many years this happens….but doesn’t it seem like they’d be repeating the same month over and over somehow O_o?…

Mako and Himeko are seen in their dorms at the very end talking. She teasingly jumps on Himeko as starts pretending to kiss her. The camera zooms in to show Himeko’s same shell necklace that’s been a vital point in this whole series. Supposedly there’s a person with the matching half. The picture book falls from the bed and open son the floor. When Himeko checks it, all the pictures are awkward because Chikane isn’t in them. It’s like she’s been magically removed from them all :(. It’s Himeko alone in positions that don’t seem natural without a second person in the picture…Himeko crys a bit then pulls herself out of it remembering the promise I’m sure. One day she will find Chikane….as the series ends…

But wait theres more! One last little scene, an important one but I would have liked a TINY bit more from it. Seemingly years later Himeko is seen walking through a busy intersection, wearing her shell. Suddenly she dead stops in the middle of the cross walk and see a woman wearing the matching half of the shell. They never show her face but her body shape and hair is a dead match for Chikanes. Himeko is seen jumping forward into her arms as the camera pans out showing the two hugging in the center of a intersection as people walk by them. Of course making me and anyone with a heart cry -^_^-.

“We fall in love all over again.”

I’ll retract my previous bad statements having watched the series over again. Not big on the Mecha stuff but the love story was really cute when it was all love and then as well in the end. I laughed, I cried, I was shocked..it had a little bit of everything. I say 8/10, worth watching for any yuri fan. -^_^- Enjoy all the pictures they’re cute! :)

Himeko Can’t Believe What She Has Done

Himeko Tries To Kill Herself

Flash Back Of Previous Lives

Chikane Slipping Away…

Himeko Admits her Love

Himeko Kisses Chikane

Himeko Apologizes

They Kiss Again

Chikane Breaks Down

Chikane and Himeko Naked

Oogami Finally Dies

Dream World?

Chikane is Ripped From Himeko

Otoha Remembers?

Mako and Himeko Play

Chikane and Himeko Reunite! <3

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