Kannazuki no Miko Episode 9

OK OK OK! I know it’s been awhile, right? I’ll finally finish Kannazuki! I’ve been promising and promising so before I get too deep into Aria and forget about it I better get it done! Also I haven’t even posted in a few days O_O..not like me at all :p. I mean come on, a internet baby like myself with a life, lies! :) Oh and one more thing, I don’t feel like going back to take episode 8 screen caps so we’ll have to live without! If anyone really wants them just ask and I’ll do it >.>…

Chikane didn’t kidnap Himeko as she sits crying still at the start of episode 9 in the mansion. She’s next seen sitting out front of Souma’s house crying. His brother comes from the house snatches Himeko by the arm and to Oogami’s disgust drags her away to preform the revival ritual. He tries to be tough on her so she can recognize just how important it is that she gets herself together for the sake of the Earth. Poor Himeko :(.

Upon opening the box containing the priestess robes Himeko breaks down, the only one still in there is Chikanes. Chikane was wearing Himekos robe during the attack on her. Though she did terrible things to her Himeko still seems to truly love Chikane regardless. I guess there is no stop to true love :). Chikane is seen in the Orochi world killing one of her new fellow teammates for saying Himeko was his.

As Himeko returns home Chikane is there waiting for her! She seems completely normal like nothing ever happened. Himeko is content with it and runs up the steps for her diving forward. She seems so obsessed/in love with her that she doesn’t even seem worried about what happened before. As she leaps forward for Chikane she magically disappears leaving only her school uniform in Himeko’s arms…weird. Oops! Just a dream :). Poor Himeko, once again.

The scene returns to Chikane killing the Orochi and soon kills them all. It appears she wants them out of her way so she can kill Himeko in her own way. She turns them all to stone, one by one. Himeko sure that Chikane will be waiting for her in their secret spot in the rose garden makes two lunches for school the next day. Of course the “popular girls” stop her on the way and question her attendance and the whereabouts of Chikane as well. At that moment Himeko knows Chikane isn’t in the rose garden waiting for her. She didn’t attend school.

As they begin to pick on her guess who shows up! Our long lost friend Mako! Remember her? She show sup just in time to save Himeko from the others and they have a nice little moment together where Mako admits she never really blamed Himeko at all. They embrace a bit and she gets Himeko fired up enough to have faith in herself to perform the ceremony alone with Chikane. When Himeko returns hoem she has a letter from Otoha and reads it as she examines the wreckage of the fight and rape with Chikane. Otoha tells her that she will be returning soon.

Himeko returns to get the priestess uniform of Chikanes. She cries a bit at first but seems tougher now after the talk with Mako and the letter from Otoha. She seems like shes now got the bit of mental toughness she had seemed to lack throughout the series. The missing piece that Chikane has been filling in for her.

Interesting to see Himeko toughen up a bit though I’m still sadly disappointed at the direction the series is taking with the two being separated. Though Possibly there could still be a chance to see them together? With the looks of Chikane killing all the Orochi maybe somehow Himeko can talk her out of this and win her back in the end. That would solve the issue of the Orochi and of course reunite the couple. Unless of course the intentions are for Himeko to be with Mako? That would be completely out of left field though considering the amount of time she’s gotten in this series.

Also I wonder if Himeko will end up having to kill Souma Oogami because of the evil growing inside (and outside) of him. That could be tough for her to have to battle him consider the feels she also has for him.

Himeko Upset Over Episode 8

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Chikane Kills The Orochi

Mako Rescues And Inspires Himeko

Otoha’s Letter Inspires Himeko

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