Octave Vol. 1 Chapter 1


OK, so I got a email suggesting I check out a manga by the name of Octave. I did some research and some hunting and found it! So far only chapter 1 is done by Tranquil Spring. You can Google them, I wont link because I don’t know if they have a problem with that. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone hunting for new series but I figured..hmm why not! I’m still doing Aria too, just going kind of slow with it. It’s all typed up just no screen shots yet :).

Anyways, the story begins by showing our main character Yukino Miyashita as a child saying how she always wanted to be an idol. It quickly moves on to show she reached her goal, at the age of 15. Yukino dropped out of school to pursue her dreams though not everything went as planned. It appears she was in a j-pop group along with three other girls named She’sN. They never got very popular and their idol careers didn’t last long at all. Now she has returned to her old school ,at the age of 18, where no one really cares for her much. People whisper behind her back about what type of person she is and joke about her success. They spreads rumors about her like she returned to school because she had an abortion and one about her getting a hotel room with a teacher. In general it doesn’t look like a fun time at all for her X_X.

She does have one obvious friend though, a girl she refers to as Kamo-chan. She comes off as an athletic girl whom is very proud about her badminton skills. She may also be a bit more emotionally mature than Yukino, as one late night phone conversation they have shows Kamo calling Yukino a virgin. The following day Yukino questions her about it but after a few details Kamo clams up leaving Yukino begging her for more information. Anyways Yukino is a definite virgin and Kamo appears to be sexually involved with men (even though she looks tom boyish) so there’s probably nothing there beyond a close friendship.

Yukino almost seems embarrassed about her life right now, after receiving a text message from one of her former group members asking if she found the perfect boyfriend yet she sends back a big lie. That she has been far too busy with her friends to even think about a boy. Like I just mentioned, she only has one friend.

Yukino is seen masturbating and mentioning soiled panties :D. Oops, I hate when that happens! It’s a tie in for a pile of dirty clothes and what might be a life changing trip to get her laundry done. When she arrives a man begins hitting on her. All of the sudden out comes a beautiful woman who smacks him in the back of the head :D. Her name is Setsuko Iwai! Yukino acknowledges she used to be on TV after Setsuko admits she used to be. The two shake hands and it cuts back to Yukino in her bed looking at the hand she touched Setsuko with saying to herself how beautiful she is and suggesting she probably has a boyfriend already. I’m not sure if the laundry scene was a flash back and her in bed masturbating was part of the whole final scene of her in bed looking at her hand or if those were two different nights in bed?

Either way, I’m loving the yuri feeling so far! This is going to be a nice little series unless it goes drastically tragic or something. I hope not. Also I’m curious if Setsuko is older than Yukino and if so by how much. I guess we’ll find out in chapter two!

Chapter 2 preview: “Next, Yukino discovers Setsuko’s past and Setsuko realizes Yukino’s loneliness. The two people are drawn together.”

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