Strawberry Shake Sweet V.1 C.1

OK so I’m going to start on the yuri/shoujo ai manga everyone says could best be adapted to anime! Strawberry Shake Sweet! I’m on a manga trip lately because I realized I hadn’t really paid much attention to it here X_X. So expect lots now lol.

The story begins with one of our main characters Julia Tachibana, age 16, in her bosses office. She’s an idol working for Watarikani Shanhai talent agency. It seems he wants her to take a new girl under her wing and show her the ropes before she debuts on Tv. Julia is none too pleased about this and shows her highly competitive nature instantly. Upon exiting the office…*CRASH*.

Enter Ran Asakawa! The new girl Julia is supposed to look after :D. This is just a quick intro on how the two met. The story skips forward a bit and introduces Julia manager Saeki. Julia keeps talking to her about Ran and her infatuation with her. Through the entire first chapter Saeki tries to keep Julia and Ran away from one another as much as possible and even near the end gets in between when Julia is about to kiss the sleeping Ran. Of course considering this is very comedy-ish Julia ends up kissing Saeki because she has her eyes closed :D.

Julia keeps trying to reassure herself that Ran isn’t important throughout but every time she does she flops and has Ran on her mind. One good example is when Julia is listening in on a conversation with Ran and two other idols. They both express their hate for Julia and ask ran if she feels the same, Ran declines and tells them she really likes Julia whom seems very shockingly pleased about what she said.

It seems to me Ran is very pure and clean. It doesn’t look like she has much in terms of street smarts. Where Julia on the other hand looks to have LOADS. They’re both a little awkward though especially Julia, even though Ran is the tall skinny one. Julia having finally realized she is in love with Ran after Saeki accidentally informs her that she’s probably in love runs to her and goes tumbling down on the floor. Ran scoops her up in her arms and tries to carry her, Julia screams and quickly flip flops the position and picks Ran up. Saeki mentions how it took two weeks for Julia’s sprained ankle to heal after doing that :D.

Anyways the kissing scene I mentioned earlier happens at the very end, Julia finds Ran asleep with her head back. As she creeps up on her to kiss her Saeki comes walking in with two cups of coffee and sees what’s about to happen. She takes off running towards the two and leans backwards and gets right in Julia’s face, who then kisses her not knowing Saeki is there lol.

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