Strawberry Shake Sweet V.1 C.2


Chapter 2 picks right back up at the end of chapter 1! The aftermath of the accidental kiss on Saeki! Julia makes a joke about having kissing someone a dozen years older than her to which Saeki says is untrue, which leaves Saeki in the mid 20’s age range. I knew she didn’t appear that old. Anyways Julia says they should all go out for Karaoke to which Ran mentions it’s late and ask Julia if her parents would be upset her staying out so late. Julia informs her that she doesn’t have parents, they passed away when she was very young. Ran in dismay for saying something so inconsiderate starts flipping and apologizing :D. Julia assures her it’s fine and that she was raised by grandparents and it’s not a big deal.

The following day Ran is still upset about her error in mentioning something like that. Julia rolls in joy that Ran thinks about her so much but does reassure her that it’s no big deal and things are fine.

They end up at the apparent beauty parol for all the girls working for that company. The hair dresser, Kaoru, seems to be an open lesbian to me unless she’s joking. Another girl is there who has a crush on Kaoru. It’s pretty obvious to me anyways. Ran ends up making an appearance and Julia tells Kaoru to leave her alone after she threatens to steal Ran away from Julia. Most likely as a joke though, I don’t think she’s serious. But Julia takes it seriously! With Julia stuck in the chair Kaoru takes Ran into the back room to “touch her” to Julia’s dismay. In actuality she wanted to give Ran a makeover and tease Julia a bit. Ran comes out absolutely beautiful! Julia in complete shock attacks Kaoru because she watched Ran get undressed! :D Anyways Ran takes it the wrong way and shakes her hair back out and presumably wipes the makeup off her. Which upsets Julia cause she was unable to get a picture fast enough :D.

Julia is still working on a school drama movie fro the first chapter with the two girls that had been talking bad about her with Ran-chan. There’s a scene where one of them has to slap Julia in the face. The girl slaps her as hard as she possibly could on purpose in all three takes they had to do due to Julia making mistakes with the lines. Ran upset over it informs Julia what the girl had done and tends to Julia’s face. Which obviously sends Julia into pure joy because Ran is rubbing her cheek! lol

Shooting for the movie that day ends a bit early and Julia invites Ran out to Karaoke again. Saeki invites herself and Julia tries to genitally tell her to shut up and don’t come :D. She wants to go out on a date with Ran by herself. Saeki, still trying to keep the two apart makes plenty of time to go so she can keep an eye on Julia after the innocent Ran.

At Karaoke Ran sings absolutely amazingly shocking both Julia and Saeki. Julia seeing how amazing of a singer Ran is seems to convert back to he original stance. She sees Ran as a rival again and tells Saeki she can’t be beaten by her junior when Ran finally debuts as an idol. She storms off with intentions of putting distance between herself and Ran and giving up on her love for her. She then spent the night at home in tears in her bed crying because of how much she does love Ran :(.

Curious to see where this could go now. Will Julia give back in and resume her pursuit of Ran or will she keep her at arms length like she seems to do with most of her other peers? The two make a perfect couple and I assume they’ll end up together. This manga is too light hearted and comedy for something so tragic such as them not ending up together to happen. I can’t wait to see how it happens though! Also I’m not seeing a high level of yuri yet. Definitely leaning more to the shoujo ai genre more so than pure yuri but I guess things could change! Either way it’s cute so far! o(^_^o) (o^_^)o

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