Strawberry Shake Sweet V.1 C.3

As the last chapter ended Julia promised herself to put a lot of distance between her and Ran in order to keep her as a rival. As the chapter begins she tries to hold true to it. Ran wakes up late and has to rush to work. At the train station she stops in front of a large poster of Julia who she says looks soooo cool and steals it! When she reaches work Julia explodes and rips it to pieces and tells Saeki to get her a fresh one, not a old beat up one from the station. Ran seems genuinely hurt from this and questions Saeki privately about being a problem for Julia. Saeki tries to put her agenda of keeping the two apart aside and assures Ran that it’s just her imagination and there’s no way Julia doesn’t like her.

Julia visit Kaoru, her hair dresser, and they have a little conversation about Julia’s plan to not be nice to Ran anymore. Kaoru tells her that she can keep her work and private life separate. Julia has an epiphany and decides she’s going to love Ran to death out of work and treat her like crap her during work :D. As we all know..there’s no way that can work! Also Kaoru mentions when she was an idol, how outside of work everyone was a “little too friendly” ;). I guess there’s my proof she’s a lesbian. I couldn’t tell in the last chapter is she was kidding or not. There’s a little something later too I’ll touch on concerning that. A little graphic as well lol.

Oh and speaking of Kaoru, looks like she could be developing a little relationship with Haruna, the girl who keeps visiting her too much from the past chapter. Simlpy to see her I would assume. Kaoru mentions to her that she only sees her cause it’s her job and Haruna explodes in anxiety. It was simply a ploy to get her on a date, Kaoru says she only sees her at work and ask if she would like to see her privately :D. An embarrassed Haruna begins stuttering. I’d like to see where their relationship is going. it could be cute!

Ran is informed she has her first audition to which Julia appears none too happy about. As Julia waits for an appearance on a variety show she pounders whether Ran is ready or not. Just then she’s approached by a band of four girls called “zlay” which is a stab at “glay” a real Japanese group. They’re all lesbians and appear to invite Julia for something sexual. She declines. Back at the beauty parlor Julia mentions the weird people she had met. Kaoru knows them group, having been their previous hair dresser! The thing I had hinted on before..Kaoru points at one of the girls in a magazine picture of zlay and says “back then this girl and I…ate me” :o. So again more proof, I think it’s pretty definite now lol.

Ran audition rolls around and she’s insanely nervous in the waiting room when in comes a purple flower and a card from “your fan”. Ran runs out of the building and catches Julia trying to secretly escape. She didn’t want Ran to know it was her :D. Anyways Julia returns to the waiting room with her and tries to keep her calm. When she goes to leave Ran holds onto her and doesn’t want her to leave, Julia ends up jumping into her arms for a brief moment and then knocking her on the floor and stomping off saying she shouldn’t depend on her! :D There’s that work/private life thing she’s trying again lol. Poor Ran must be so confused lol.

Three days later still waiting for the results of Ran’s audition both the girls are very nervous and upset thinking the exact same thing, if Ran debuts, meaning she won the audition, she wont be able to spend as much time with Julia anymore.

The owner of the company comes to give them the results..he says Ran did NOT get the job! But is quick to say it wasn’t because they didn’t like it, it was because of her above average height. It didn’t look right with the small children she would be working with. Neither of the girls seem to care as they’re both really really happy about now having more time together. Saeki is still in for a fight :D.

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