Strawberry Shake Sweet V.1 C.4

A new character appears! Much like Ran is the understudy of Julia it appears Saeki also has an understudy. Her name is Sudou Megumu, age 25! Also I questioned Julia’s age, she’s 27. OK so anyways, Julia is very sick and thus Sudou is going to fill in for her in he manager roll. When Julia mentions they should visit Saeki Sudou forces her way into being part of the trip as well. She has a big time crush on Saeki it appears!

Sudou, Ran and Julia run into two of the zlay members out together on a date together :o. The aggressive one who approached Julia about what seemed like a sexual proposition in the last Chapter whispers to Julia that she knows of someone who’s in love with her same sex senior. She’s talking about Sudou’s love for Saeki :o. I wonder how she seems to know so much… Anyways her name is Ryou and her girlfriend is Reki. Ryou also takes a moment to admire Ran and says to Julia “This one is yours right?” :o

Later Julia tries to confirm what she heard from Ryou about Sudou from Ryou. Sudou denies it and says it isn’t “like that”. But as the conversation progresses it seems like it is like that :D. She’s imagining what Saeki might be wearing because she’s in bed sick.

The next day Kaoru (hair dresser), Harua (idol with a crush on Kaoru), Sudou and Julia arrive and Saeki’s house to see her. Sudou seems impressed with Saeki’s attire :D. Karou begins trying to take care of Saeki and feeling her head. This causing Haruna (who likes Kaoru) and Sudou (who likes Saeki) both to get really jealous :D. I think she did it on purpose and also to pick at Saeki. She seems the type. Remember those two are old friends and peers. I imagine they were idols at the same time..and don’t forget what Kaoru said about her peers being “too friendly” back then :o. Julia just stands back and looks on in horror as she sees what’s going on.

In a almost pointless little scene in between it shows Ryou has some type of gaydar :D and also introduces the other two zlay members as Sai and Ritsu. They’re laying on a bed composing a song.

Back at Saeki’s house Ran comes through the door and shocks everyone with a bag of groceries. Apparently she has been there all day taking care of Saeki. This completing the circle as jealousy now falls on Julia. Ran and Julia cook dinner for Saeki and share a funny little scene where Julia breaks a plate and goes to clean it up cutting herself. Ran takes command and tries to band-aid her up..Saeki bust through the kitchen door and says it looks like murder scene :D. Julia on the floor with blood running out of her hand in a pile of glass!

Continuing her jealousy scheme Kaoru tries to hand feed Saeki. This causing Haruna to try and hand feed Kaoru and Sudou to take the place of Saeki and eat for her :D. Julia and Ran just stand back watching as Ran smiles. Julia ask her what the smile is find out a bit about Ran’s life. She mentions living alone and enjoying things like this because she doesn’t have any family. To her this is like spending the day with her family. They share a cute moment where Ran says to Julia that she’s sure of all people she would understand that feeling. *ding* An emotional connection/similarity is made. The two agree to start visiting Saeki at home more often from now which Saeki screams and tells them to never curse her home again :D.

Nice little chapter, I think that ending where they both appeared happy, together and understanding of one another was the first time we’ve really seen that so far. I mean you can see Ran’s admiration of Julia and obviously Julia’s huge crush on Ran but usually very separate. This time we see them share a feeling together and admit it. If that makes sense.

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