Strawberry Shake Sweet V.1 C.5

Julia has finally finished the movie she has been filming! At the very end of filming the male lead approaches her and ask her into a relationship. At first she’s a bit taken by him but notices Ran over his shoulder. Julia promptly slaps the snot out of him and takes off for Ran :D. The unnamed male completely shocked is interrupted when trying to plead with Julia by none other than Ryou from zlay :D. She completely crushes his hope in a hilarious way. I don’t know why she keeps popping up in the story but none the less she’s funny :).

On the way home Saeki tells Julia and Ran she’s taking them out for a big celebration dinner in light of the film being complete. Ran seems overly excited while Julia regretfully declines. Over the next few days Julia doesn’t appear to be eating much at all along with a strange attitude and worries Saeki into actually visiting Kaoru :D. Whom of course flirts with Saeki just enough to annoy her and make Haruna jealous once again lol. It appears Kaoru and Haruna are at least dating now. Kaoru has already made plans for them to go out tonight so I would assume it isn’t their first date.

While Saeki is having her hair done Ran is seen upset and frowning. Saeki mentions wants to fix whatever is wrong with Julia quick because of what it’s doing to Ran. Ran comes up with a knee jerk idea of what could be wrong. She flashes back to when the film ended and she saw Julia with the man (who she actually rejected). Ran thinks Julia is depressed cause she can no longer see him now that filming is over so she sets out to find a way to get them back together.

The next day Ran, still racking her brain about what to do comes into the office to find Julia laying on the couch with a rag on her head. She says she’d like to eat a little something. Ran brings up her wild idea of the guy from the film and Julia tickled by it begins explaining everything..obviously it wasn’t the guy. But what it was is kind of crazy :p. Julia gained two pounds and tried going on a diet to lose them :D. TWO POUNDS? I fluctuate like that every couple weeks or so :D.

Ran completely relieved to hear this decides she’s going to pick Julia up and carry her to the car :D. Julia tries to stop her but before you know it she’s in the air in Ran’s arms. Ran gets ready to drop the bomb on Julia.. In response to Julia saying she did the diet for her fans Ran tells her that people who really love her aren’t worried about a couple pounds and that she’s one of them :o. Hearing Ran say she loves her sends Julia into shock and she goes limp in Ran’s arms :D. It looks like as oblivious as Ran is to Julia’s feelings she’s starting to get some of her own for Julia. That could really set up for a cute little thing when Ran finds out Julia feels the same :).

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