Strawberry Shake Sweet V.1 C.6

Well no more talk of the love thing from the last chapter in this one but still some interesting stuff going on :). Also a few really nice color pages to check out! :)

Starts out with Julia on a game show and then abruptly moves to her doing a shoot in a bikini on the beach. This is where the chapters main focus is revealed. Ran looks really sleepy! Saeki notices and ask her if she has insomnia to which Ran reveals she thinks someone has been following her home! :o A stalker!

Julia completely flips and goes off. Then hilariously starts naming all the dark places near Ran’s house where someone could hide. Saeki seems to think Julia knows a bit too much about those locations and tries to peg her as the stalker! :D Julia says she’s going to escort Ran home from now on no matter what. Ran as usual declines as she doesn’t want to be any trouble for Julia.

At the beauty parlor Kaoru working on Julia’s hair talks about back when she was an idol. She said she had two stalkers at once. One male whom she beat up and called the police on and one female who she spent the night with and ate :D. Kaoru is such a pervert. Haruna has the idea that maybe if she starts stalking Kaoru…then remembers that she is already stalking her :D.

A few days later Ran arrives at the office looking terrible from a lack of sleep. Ryou, from zlay, overhears the conversation and appears to explain to Ran that part of being an idol is dealing with stalkers and losing most of your private life. She then goes on to tell Julia about the tens of thousands of stalkers she has. Which is obviously and exaggeration :D. She appears to be doing it just to get under Julia’s skin lol. Then she goes on to mentions how they’re all women and how she tries to sleep with them all but there are just too many lmao.

Later that day after a likely photo shoot Saeki says she has to go back to the office to finish up some important paperwork and tells Ran she can’t take her home today and offers her keys to her apartment. Ran says she’ll be OK but Saeki is worried and tells her to go home with Julia to spend the night :o. Not like Saeki at all to allow Ran and Julia to be alone together lol. but there’s a secret plan..she wants to test Julia to see if she’s really serious about loving Ran. At least that’s how I took what she said :).

Julia takes hold of Ran’s hand and starts walking her home after convincing her she wouldn’t be imposing. As the two walk Ran says she knows how to give great massages…and she’s going to give Julia a full body one as a thanks for letting her impose! Julia has a spontaneous nose bleed after getting a mental image of the two in bed clothes together and Ran massaging her lol. The chapter ends with Julia bleeding everywhere and Ran asking if she’s OK. Then Julia collapsing as soon as she got home from anemia and sleeping all night long. Unlike Saeki predicting she would be capable of doing since she’s so nervous around Ran. :)

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