Strawberry Shake Sweet V.1 C.7


Chapter 7 picks right up where chapter 6 left off. It’s the morning after Ran spent the night at Julia’s. As Julia begins to wake up Ran is sleeping in her bed spooning her :D. Apparently in her disoriented sleep she got up top use the bathroom and ended up in Julia’s bed instead of on her futon! On the way to work in the morning Ran keep apologizing but obviously Julia didn’t mind it at all :D. She seems a bit upset with herself for not “putting the movies” on Ran while she had her in the bed :o. As they continue to walk out pops the stalker in a dark hood!

Julia jumps into action and completely kicks the stalkers ass! :) Just as she begins gloating and telling Ran she’s safe and to throw herself at her…Ran picks up a business card off the now disabled stalker. It’s a woman and she’s a photographer X_X. Oops! Sera Mutsuki…

The story picks back up with Sera both the girls and Saeki in the office. Sera still has some bumps and bruises and has tissue stuffed in her nose to stop the bleeding :D. Look like Julia can do no right! Anyways she wasn’t stalking Ran in fact she was trying to find the perfect model for a fashion magazine. The one she had been working with wasn’t right for what she wanted.

To Julia’s dismay Ran accepts the job to do the photo shoots for the magazine after being assured it was of artistic nature only and no nudes, Julia seems paranoid about it and says she’ll end up in nudes like it or not :D. She doesn’t want anyone to see Ran except her!

With Ran at the photo shoots for three days Julia is depressed because she hasn’t seen her. She’s dying because she can’t see her, feel her or smell Then she manages to find a little scent of Ran on the seat in the car :D. After Saeki calls her a pervert she tells Julia to just call or email Ran. Julia says she can’t because she’s her senior. It would only be OK for Ran to contact her for advice and not the other way around ;o. Julia doesn’t seem to think Ran has any feelings for her and continues to mope around.

The scene switches to Ran at her photo shoot, obviously feeling the same way as Julia. She seems to be doing the loaner thing thinking about her. While she’s taking a break and thinking of Julia the photographer, Sera and her assistant share a bit of background on Ran. Apparently she’s part foreign. Meaning she’s not fully Japanese. They say that the talent agency Ran works for doesn’t even know what she is, they only have her name and contact info. :o A mystery! Back to Ran doing the loaner thing, the model who apparently lost her job to Ran catches a glimpse of her and tells her manager she isn’t leaving without doing something about it, uh-oh.

As the chapter closes Julia is still in agony asking Saeki-san to act like Ran-ran for her because she can’t stand being without her :D.

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