Octave Chapter 2


So I know it’s been a looooong time. Well I’ve been busy, with yuri stuff no less :p. I’ve been doing some editing for Lililicious in hopes of reviving my graphical desires. Work has kind of killed the enjoyment so I decided by adding something I truly enjoy (yuri) into something I lost passion for (digital artwork) maybe I could rekindle the flame! So far it has worked. I’m actually enjoying my work more now and I’ve even take the time out to vector some stuff for fun. I’ll probably start posting little personal reviews of stuff I’m editing very soon but I figured I would go with Octave tonight since it’s such an interesting series (to me). Tranquil Spring is doing the editing on it slowly but surely :). I actually have the RAWS up to chapter 10 and have skimmed through chapter 4-5 reading what I could understand and recognize. So I’m getting the gist of them but I’d rather have them fully translated :).

When we left off after chapter one we had Yukino in bed thinking of Setsuko, the woman from the laundromat. I tried to keep the yuri goggles off but I couldn’t help but feel they were sexual thoughts even if Yukino didn’t recognize it herself. That’s most certainly answered in this chapter :p.

We catch up with Yukino once again on the phone with her best friend Kamo. They seem to be discussing Setsuko. A question of mine from chapter one was answered, Setsuko is 22 making her 4 years the elder of Yukino. She was in a group called “Fennel” and released an album at the age of 19.

Appearing extremely happy to go wash clothes Yukino rushes to the laundromat where she first met Setsuko and her brother Mari in chapter one. She arrives but only finds Mari. He has quite an odd conversation with her that takes up 4-5 pages of the manga and seems almost pointless beyond developing him more as a character and making his personality more apparent. For what purpose I have no idea. It’s mostly about him wanting to be more than just a basic laundromat that people visit our of need. He wants it to be a place people like to come to do their clothes and enjoy themselves.

After a few thoughts on Mari we find Yukino in the public bath where she runs into Setsuko while drying off. Setsuko bluntly tells Yukino that she watched her bath from behind and that it was like watching art :o. Yukino kind of shocked says she didn’t notice Setsuko watching her. Before having a chance to respond she Setsuko changes the topic. She’s definitely not one to hold her thoughts back at all. Yukino on the other hand seems to over think everything and worry about others. Complete polar opposites to this point.

Setsuko more or less invites Yukino for mapo tofu in a not so enthusiastic way. We then cut to Yukino rambling on and on about the past over dinner at the laundromat with Setsuko. She eventually realizes and apologizes for carrying on and even though Setsuko has quite an indifferent look on her face she seems to have fully paid attention. She turns Doctor Phil and breaks down what Yukino said (she wants to dress up for the sake of herself not others) and flips it into suggesting Yukino just wants someone to pay attention to her more than anything in the world. Setsuko cuts Yukino off mid sentence when she say she would never dress up for a man and leans into her face with a cute smile. As she rubs the side of her face and gets closer she tells Yukino she knows shes a virgin and that just this little bit probably has her wet already XD.

Setsuko then tells Yukino that she lied at the bath house. She said Yukino knew she was watching and I get the feeling she was suggesting Yukino played it up a bit at the bath house so Setsuko would notice her. Yukino basically admits it as Setsuko leans in closer and the two start making out :o. Setsuko ends up on the top and appears to be dictating the action but seeing as Yukino is a virgin that didn’t surprise me. She also doesn’t appear to be pulling away or fighting it at all.

Interesting chapter, kind of slow moving because of the conversation with Mari but I think in the long run some things said during that little talk could be played into the story. We shall see though! Kind of hoping to see more of Setsuko’s personality soon. She comes off as almost cold at times. I don’t think that’s the case but maybe I’m not reading her character right. So, as usual. :p

Chapter 3 Preview: While Yukino is both mentally and emotionally unstable a friend from her idol days, Mika, shows up.

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