Yuri Hime Wildrose 2: Teacher’s Pet


Well I’ve worked on 3 of the 8 one-shots from Wildrose 2. I enjoyed them all but I’m going to go with this one first because well.. let’s be honest here. Thigh highs melt me XD. Anyways, it’s done by Johnouchi Nene and spans 16 pages.

The story begins with a revealingly dressed teacher who seems to be treating her students bad as they whisper about her clothing. It’s what appears to be a religious school of some sort to me where everyone dresses the complete opposite of “revealing” with the exception of her and possibly her friend (Niiyama-sensei. The teacher, Satsuki Nashida, is approached by another teachers sister (a student). The girl questions her clothing, this time openly. Satsuki is then aggressively groped by Niiyama after making some suggestive teasing remarks about her breast. Niiyama forces herself at Satsuki or so it seems at first. She’s actually enjoying the encounter quite a bit.

Satsuki approaches her older sister, a teacher, about the incident. She doesn’t appear to be very upset for some reason but mentions how the Head Mistress would fire her if she found out about the incident. Satsuki jokingly mentions that she might just kill her instead. Guess who’s calling Satsuki to her office..you guessed it :p. The Head Mistress!

After a few second of appearing nice and kind she gets to the point and begins revealing the main plot. The Head Mistress and Satsuki are lovers! :o. That’s where the joke about her killing Satsuki came from. Anyways during their sexual encounter she proves to be a sadist and Satsuki a masochist. After some nipple twisting and shoulder biting to make Satsuki apologize for cheating the Head Mistress calms for a moment. Satsuki begins laughing at a flashback from when she was originally hired at the school. The other teachers didn’t want to accept her because of how she dressed but the Head Mistress took her in because she wanted the students to see both good and evil so they can make their own choice. It looks as if Niiyama-sensei (the older sister of the student who Satsuki had the opening sexual encounter with) is also in the same boat as Satsuki, she appears to be in the flashback as well. She dresses quite different than the other teachers it would seem.

The Head Mistress starts on her again when she refuses to tell her what she’s laughing at XD. Eventually she calms again and ask Satsuki to not cheat on her again ending with a warm kiss. Right after we flash to Satsuki explaining to Niiyama-san (her student, not the teacher) the good vs. evil thing from the flashback she had. Telling her she needs to take a better patch, not the dark one Satsuki represents. Almost sounds as if she was telling her she wasn’t interested in her.

Niiyama-san apparently isn’t listening, she throws Satsuki onto the table and starts where they left off the first time. Satsuki tells her there’s no ay she can satisfy her, that she’s a masochist. Niiyama-san replies by telling her not to wory, she’s a sadist! :o The Head Mistress is seen watching from afar through a window. She says she’ll have to punish Satsuki again XD.

OK, so it probably sounds like your typical S&M but it was a bit better. I enjoyed it a good bit. It has comedy, plenty of sex and I really enjoy the style of art. I give it a 7/10. Keep on the look out for it at Lililicious, it should be releasing soon. :)

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  1. Rinu Says:

    Ooh, Sacchan has a thing for thigh highs. I guess that visiting this blog will enrich my knowledge in some way, lol. I cadged some smut from Lieutenant Youko some time ago too, can’t wait to start working on it :D.

  2. Sachiko Says:

    Everyone has a weird fetish! :D At least that’s what I like to think. :p Yay for more smut! hehe

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