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It has been awhile, as usual. I don’t have much spare time left so blah blah generic excuse generic excuse!

Marimite season 4 is now well underway. We’re three episodes in so far and all three have been tear jerkers. The new opening is completely off the wall but I love it. I think it’s the radical change it needed to get new people interested in it. People are nagging and complaining to no end about it but..come on, it’s just an opening? If a bit of an odd opening turns someone off to the series then they’re not real fans of it to begin with. In case you’re wondering what’s so bad or’s the fact Yumi seems to be able to control magical portals as she warps around Lillian Academy from place to place with Yoshino and Shimako. Not only that but the original song we know and love pastel pure by Mikiya Katakura is replaced with the poppy and upbeat Chizu Sanpo by kukui. Now as you probably know, I assume you do who else would read my blog except someone who knows me? lol, I do enjoy poppy stuff a good bit. That really doesn’t play into my feelings on the opening though. It’s more of needed a change of pace feeling. Not that there was anything wrong with the original obviously but to appeal to a wider audience of people it needed to be catchy.

Some long time die hard fans may say, “WELL WE DON’T CARE IF IT APPEAL TO NEW PEOPLE”. Obviously you’re not the one paying for it so I don’t think your opinions are all that important. Not to mention if you want to see a 5th season I can only assume the more new fans the better for us all. So in closing, shut up about the opening. Nobody cares what you think :).

The ending is a whole different thing, I think everyone seems to be overly happy about it. Which I have to admit I am as well. We get some really cute shots of each pairing that burn into your soul for all eternity! Or something like that :p. They’re really beautiful though especially the SachikoxYumi pair. Of course I’m obviously a bit bias on that. You think? The big beef with the ending seems to be how it seemingly spoils the entire 4th season. How is that possible you ask? Well the biggest part of season 4 and the question that’s been on everyones mind since Yumi became Rosa Chinensis en bouton is “Who’s going to be her petite souer?!”..

Now, if you’re a fan you know Kanako and Touko are the two first years in Yumi’s life at the end of the third OVA season. Obviously she’s going to have to pick one of them as her souer. I personally always liked Kanako more but Touko has some cute qualities as well. Anyways, the ending shows a beautiful pairing picture of Yumi and Touko similar to the ones of SachikoxYumi, ReixYoshino and ShimakoxNoriko. So wait..we’re three episodes in now and Yumi still hasn’t made a decision on who her petite souer is going to be. Well it’s obvious who it’s going to be..the novels aside now because the ending shows it! I think for people who haven’t read the novels and didn’t already know it was quite a depressing feeling to watch the ending and find out it’s going to be YumixTouko. Even people pulling for that pairing. In fact a e-friend of mine who refuses to read anything but watches the anime described it as “depressing” even though he was pulling for the YumixTouko. I think it may have been a bit premature to throw that into the ending, you could have shortened it or added filler in until it actually does happen..but whatever. It wasn’t that much of a shock to me. I’m simply thinking of the anime only fans who haven’t been exposed to the entire Marimite world.

OK, I’m done ranting about that. Three episodes in this season and it’s great so far, it has the fast upbeat pace like the original series and lots of cute moments. What more could you ask for? :) Onto my next thing! It’s not another rant, I promise. It’s actually just to inform everyone that after a LONG wait Strawberry Shake Sweet 13 is out. I completed it earlier last weekend and it was released yesterday! Yippie! Possibly my favorite manga series with the exception of Marimite and now I get to work on it :). Thanks to the other members of Lililicious(download it here) who helped on it as well, I just did the editing. Expect Chapter 14-17 as soon as I can possibly get them done :).

Soooo..goodbye again! See you in 2010 probably ;).

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