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Another Update


Yes, I am very bored. Anyways, I decided to go with an air brushing technique I generally save for web designing. Normally I vector my personal art because it’s so crisp, I like the look. This time I’m going for bewtyfuwl! (Not that’s not a... Read More →

More Art


It must be 2037 because I’m working on that second personal art project I mentioned last night. :) It’s going well so far, I’ve run into a few problems but nothing overly terrible. I have also made a mental note not to use such frilly Gothic... Read More →

So, I lied


I didn’t stop working on my piece. Hours upon hours later (I think?), mission accomplished :). I also think it turned out cute! The clothing colors are just bold enough but still pull off her elegance yet still portray the flair she seems to dress with.... Read More →


So, after a wonderful Valentines day my creative juices were flowing when I awoke this morning. I’ve also received a new project from Lililicious to work on today. I got about half of it done and decided I was in the mood to play! :) I went hunting Danbooru... Read More →

The Unusual Usual Rant


Ah, so I made it back before 2010. Are you shocked? Me too. There are just a few things going on, nothing important. Schools back in, so obviously I’m back. Same time schedule as last semester, different classes this time around, thankfully. Having... Read More →