Another Update


Yes, I am very bored. Anyways, I decided to go with an air brushing technique I generally save for web designing. Normally I vector my personal art because it’s so crisp, I like the look. This time I’m going for bewtyfuwl! (Not that’s not a word.) So far, I have the shoes done and one thigh high. It’s really a slow process that involves stacking three layers on top of each other and lightly using a deletion brush to wash away the darkest top level and reveal the two lower and lighter levels. They’re stacked from darkest to lightest top to bottom. It’s hard to explain without writing and entire tutorial so just take a look at the leg and you can see where the colors fade almost like a gradient. I think for this particular piece I want it to look great…so I’m going to spend the time needed. Also as you can see I’ve begun constructing the facial expression. :) I’ll probably add some blush as well, I want a “devilishly sexy” look this time. As opposed to last night innocent and piercing facial expression. Here it is!

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