More Art


It must be 2037 because I’m working on that second personal art project I mentioned last night. :) It’s going well so far, I’ve run into a few problems but nothing overly terrible. I have also made a mental note not to use such frilly Gothic like skirts ever again. :p I finished up my new Lililicious project today, Love Letter, a one shot by Hiyori Otsu :) . Cute story with a not so happy ending but not too terribly sad either. Worth a read once it’s out!

This time I’m going with colored inner outlines, I’m going to see how it turns out. I’ve done it in the past and been disappointed with the outcome. This time, I’m thinking it may give me a third tone of definition without actually have to go three tones deep. We’ll see though! If I don’t like it I’ve layered the colored outlines on different layers so I can easily remove them and replace it with black ones. Actually now that I think about it I could just color level them black rather than redoing them. Duh! Hopefully that wont be the case. The outfit is a modified Otoboku outfit. I removed a lot of the fluf from the shoulders and went with a completely different color variation. Here’s the rough in of it!

I might post the final copy later tonight, if I stay motivated! It’s still early though so I probably will. ^_^

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