The Unusual Usual Rant


Ah, so I made it back before 2010. Are you shocked? Me too. There are just a few things going on, nothing important. Schools back in, so obviously I’m back. Same time schedule as last semester, different classes this time around, thankfully. Having half of the same teachers again should make things more personal. I did that purposely. Then again, if one of them doesn’t like me.. I guess it was a bad move? ^_^…

I’m still doing plenty of editing for Lililicious. It seems like I haven’t received as many projects lately. Not sure if they picked up more editors to spread the work out or what but either way it’s still going steady. Of course it’s possible my usual over confidence has stricken me again, perhaps I’m not as good as I think I am. Since the last time I posted here are the projects I’ve worked on that have been released. A Lunch Made With Love, which is from the same world as Winter Tinged Thoughts, which I also did a while back. Then we released Strawberry Shake 14 and 15. Leaving only two more to go! Chapter 16 is in the works now. “Why aren’t you doing it now instead of posting on your stupid blog then Sachiko! >=|” I can’t, everything isn’t finalized yet, but we have definitely begun the process. Then tonight, something I did months ago (I think) was released, Maria-sama Ga Miteru Chapter 29. I’d grab it for my collection if I were you :).

Things in the works…Hmm the 2009 Yuri Hime Calendar is done. It should be out soon. I even credited myself as the translator. “You’re so vain Sachiko!”, probably. I didn’t know what else to put! I technically did translate like four or five things.. but there wasn’t anything else to translate so… Oh whatever, I don’t have to explain myself to you! :) Oniisama e Chapter 14 is all finished and waiting for a release, as well as Maria-sama ga Miteru Chapter 30. Speaking of the Marimite manga, I’m currently working on Chapter 31. Actually, I got a significant amount done tonight. I had been stumped with a lack of motivation I guess, seeing Chapter 29 get released might have pumped me up a bit. Oh and how could I forget!

Heart-Pounding Excitement at Mononoke Girls’ Academy! A series than began in Yuri Hime 4 but we’ve just started. The first chapter is out, which if I do say so myself, was a pain to edit. Chapter 2 is all finished as well but you’ll have to wait on a release. I really wasn’t looking forward to doing this series when I first got it. I read some stuff about it and immediately assumed it wasn’t my style. I was wrong ^_^. It’s a bit weird and far more sci-fi than most stuff I enjoy but the art is nice, the story is great and I can see lots of fun in the near future. That’s only after two chapters! :o This just goes to show you, don’t ignore a series because it doesn’t sound like you, give it a shot!

Marimite 4th has six episodes out now and wow definitely watch episode six. SachikoxRei cuteness. I wiped my eyes through the whole thing. They animated it a lot cuter than I was able to imagine it. They also did a great job making the Touko thing reaaaaalllly creepy. I started re-watching Mai-Hime too, out of boredom. I was thinking of Simoun but changed my mind. Oh well! Anything else..*twiddles fingers and thinks*. Oh, I’m sick once again. Which is simply wonderful! (/sarcasm if you didn’t catch that) So I’ll probably have my Valentines/anniversary of my first _________________ ruined now. No, I’m not telling what fills in the blank. It’s private. :p

So without further adieu, I bid you farewell and leave you with one final thought.

I don’t care about grammar or spelling, it’s my blog, kiss my butt. ^_^

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