Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter


Well, like I mentioned, I was working on a sequel to Little Red Riding Hood Strikes back. Which I still say was probably my most challenging overall edit. In case you didn’t notice >.>…It’s named Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. Or Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu. I just noticed the characters names all correspond with the seasons. Haruka, Natsuki, Akiho, Fuyuka. See how smart I am! *sarcasm* I really liked this chapter, much like I enjoyed working on Little Red Riding Hood. Eiki does a great job portraying all the characters different personalities throughout the series and this is no exception. The art from Zaou remains the same, a style I really enjoy.

The story begins with Fuyuka and Akiho having a conversation. Fuyuka seems upset, she can’t figure out how to get any “alone time” with Natsuki because of her parents always being home. Akiho tries to explain to her that it would be fine if they slept together with her parents home because society ignores two girls in a bed together. They’ll think it’s cute! If only that were true Akiho! :D After a couple brief intro pages to set the rest of the story up, we shift scenes to a train ride with all four girls.

Akiho and Fuyuka are pictured sitting together on one side happily chatting while Haruka and Natsuki are seen sitting together and appear to be carrying their grudge for one another still. Looks like they’re going on vacation, to the beach! Akiho won an overnight stay for four people. But the best part is, they get two rooms! The two couples seem to actually have a good time together during a nice walk on the beach. The disagreement between Natsuki and Haruka seems to have been put aside, at least for now.

What ensues during the walk is probably my favorite part. Two random guys decide hitting on the girls is a good idea. This leads them to put on a little hugging show and telling them that they “don’t need any guys”. They’re left stuttering and in shock. :D I do believe I’ve pulled that off a time or two myself haha.

Once they return to their rooms, both couples seem to have the same idea. Lets leave it as “alone time” for now. They also have promised one another to meet back up, later that night, for fireworks. Haruka and Natsuki don’t seem very concerned though as opposed to Fuyuka and Akiho appearing overly worried about it. They never do meet again until the following day. What a night? :p Fuyuka promises Natsuki before they make love, that next time they can come alone. This after Natsuki mentions wanting to be alone with her.

The next morning, Fukuya and Akiho are seen lying to one another about why they missed the fireworks. They both say they went to bed. In the background Haruka and Natsuki seem to be getting along even better now. Natsuki and her wonder why they’re even bothering to tell such obvious lies as it comes to a close.

So, there are just a few things I want to touch on. I enjoyed seeing the friendships of Haruka/Natsuki and Akiho/Fuyuka progress as much as I did the relationships of Akiho x Haruka and Fuyuka x Natsuki. I was surprised to see the lying at the end; I thought those two were closer. I assume it was more of an embarrassment thing though. Lastly, the two “Afterword” pages made me want to bang my head on the wall.

Unrelated to this story: The surgery is still on. I’m not going to chicken out this time. I’m working on Marimite Chapter 32 now: 12/42 complete. Expect to see at least one chapter of Marimite released tomorrow and something else I worked on called Love Letter.


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  1. Kiwisu Says:

    Cool, I never realize that. (:
    The names of the character’s, to be exact!
    Btw, you draw good (older posts.)!!! <3

  2. Sachiko Says:

    Neither did I :D. I guess I never really thought about it though! Thanks for the compliment and reading my blog. ^_^.

  3. Indigo Says:

    Wow, so your a manga-ka….and wait..so does that mean that you are English, but go under a Asian Pen Name?

    Not the smartest crayon in the box XO

    Or possibly this site translates the text o-e;; no clue…

    But in OTHER words….the page you showed is fabulous, the far right character in our perspective, is awesome. ANd love all the girls’ expressions. Fabulous work. I would love to read it If I could. DX

    But I do like the plot. C:

    And I have given up the whole, “want to be a manga-ka” and went into animals o-e;, but now because of your work, you give me new light >x<;.

    Is there a way possibly SOME HOW, your work has gotten posted onto something like MangaFox or something in that means. Even though it seems to not need to be translated, hance its in ENglish as far as I can tell.



  4. Sachiko Says:

    As much as I would love to be the artist, I cannot take credit. I might be able to do something similar but who knows~! I simply work for a group who “scanlates“. I edited the work into English but I did not do the original art, the plot, or anything else. Sorry to disappoint ^_^;;;!

    You can however find a link to download the scanlated version, in English, I did here on my groups website.

    I’m sorry I cannot accept your gracious praise for obvious reasons but, I can however tell you to never give up! I’m working as a graphical artist for a small company, doing boring business art…but, I do however find time every now and then for some personal fun art! Which you can see some of on this very blog. I hope you can as well! Even if no one ever sees it, you’ll still have fun and love every second of it. :) Feel free to contact me if you’d like. I’m alway on ^_^. (No life!) Don’t forget, NEVER GIVE UP~~! :)

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