Art Update sXy


Wow that almost spells sexy~ :D. Anyways, quick update on this. I’ve had it done for a few days, maybe a week X_x..well the line art. Not the entire thing. I just completely neglected my blog because now they’ve gotten me addicted to Live Journal! I positioned the legs a bit differently than I had initially planned. I was going to have Sachiko’s legs crossed like Yumi’s turned out and then have Yumi with one leg kicked back in the air. I decided against it though, it simply didn’t fit the Sachiko personality.

I also updated by project page. I’m now up to 42 releases! Go me, I guess. Oh and three more to the Tranquil list makes that list up to 4. Love Slave 4 now, Through Eyeglasses Darkly next and then maybe Bruges. Unless I get something else more pressing in between. We’ll see~

I’ll leave you to *squee* with my almost full line art. :D


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