I’m still alive, seriously~


I’ve just been -_-. School, editing and well, being lazy in general I guess. I’ve still done absolutely nothing to that SachikoxYumi line art. I promise I will one day though! I’m working on the closing of Strawberry Shake Sweet, once I finish that I might take a little break from everything and try to work on it some. It’s really bugging me I haven’t touched it yet because I want to!

Nothing much else new to report, except that Strawberry Shake 17 will be my 50th release with Lili since November 19th, roughly 5 months. That means I’m averaging 10 a month X_o I need to get a life kids!

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  1. Erin Says:

    “Strawberry Shark Sweet,” huh? Projecting a bit there? lol
    As your friend, I want to say, “Yes, you should go out and have fun more often,” but as a member of Lili, I want to say, “No, you should stay in and edit 24 hours a day!” Hahaha.
    But anyway, congratulations on that milestone. :)

  2. Sachiko Says:

    That’s exactly why I need to get more sleep :D. *goes to edit it* lol

  3. FLG Says:

    Oh thank goodness. I was starting to worry…that I wouldn’t get the next chapter of SSS any time soon.
    Wow, 50 releases already, very nice. Thank you for all of them.:)
    Also, yeah…you should get out more.:p

  4. Sachiko Says:

    I’m so glad you care about me Sam XD. You should get out more too, with me :p


  5. FLG Says:

    That…is very tempting…but no, not after what you did! Yeah, I did that vanity search…and don’t think putting that little heart at the end of the message made me feel better, because it did.

    What’s with the ~? You seem to be using it a lot lately.

    That’s why I’m here, to care about you.:p

  6. Sachiko Says:

    See, I knew you would! :p

    I’ve been chatting somewhere and everyone uses it with every other word, I’m picking up bad habits. X_X

    I know you do :D <3

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