Nah Nah Nah Kay!


See, I told you I wasn’t going to quit~! [cough] So anyways, here’s a tiny update on the line art. I finally got harassed into working on it a bit, KAY. Not a whole lot..but just some basing in. I’d love suggestions on Yumi’s thigh high color. I don’t want to do striped because that will take away from the purity feeling of the piece in my mind. Soo~ I’m thinking of matching them to her bows (hair), matching the neckties (I know they’re not traditional Marimite, bite me) or black. Black is probably the least likely because counting her black shoes it might be overkill. Soooo~ Suggestions are welcome? Maybe I’ll try a few things and post all the results for comments, comment away now though!

Kay: Dinner, lunch, breakfast, movies? Hot love coffee? Yeah right, you wish! <3

Edit: Wow I forgot to post the picture.. way to go!


3 Responses to “Nah Nah Nah Kay!”

  1. Erin Says:

    I think matching the neckties would look good. Red or black might be overkill.

  2. Todd Says:

    It’s shaping up well. Watching these pictures emerge in slow motion is kind of cool yet aggravating. :D I think white thigh-highs would work on Yumi.

  3. Sachiko Says:

    It’s even more aggravating waiting for it when you have to do the work. :p I want to see the final product so bad. :D I’ve had several suggestions on the thigh highs and they all seem to point to white, so I think I’ll give it a shot. :) I guess anything too bright would be anti-Yumish. Sooooo as bland as it may end up looking, that might be just what it needs.

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