Green Bows and Thigh-highs! Oh baby!


So I’m going with green bows because Tiffany and I have decided they’re cuter. I’m using the striped ones too, they’re even better! So here’s two picture, ones with white-ish thigh-highs and the other with black. If I could get motivated I’d stripe a pair to match her hair bows! :o But they might look odd O_X. Kind of a waste to spend that much time on something knowing I probably wont use it. I need to work on the shoes next and then I’ll probably move onto the hair and possibly rough in some faces for reference. After that I’ll begin the shading. Which shouldn’t take too long. The hardest part is basing in all the colors because I have to re-pen the center of every outline to fill. Brushing the shading in is simple because there is no perfect way to do it.

I’m getting ready to update my project list page after I post this too, so check it out! I’ve completed two great series this week with Strawberry Shake and Oniisama e coming to an end. As happy as I am to see them finished for everyone it’s also kind of sad! I’ll miss working on them I guess. :)

So enough rambling here’s your new previews and goodnight.


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  1. Erin Says:

    Ooh, I really like the striped green bows!

    I think I still like the cream/white thigh-highs better, but I won’t be sure until I see them with the shoes.

    And the other stuff by Hayashiya and Ikeda might be kind of like working on SSS and OE again, right? (Though hopefully not TOO much like SSS, lol.)

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