Where are you Octave!


I’ve finally finished another semester. What a long one it was. My grades remained on par with my expectations for myself, so I guess that’s positive considering how high I usually set my own bar. Work seems to be picking up again, maybe I’m just getting more now because they know school is over for me. :D I’ve also be able to do a ton of editing recently, which is good. I’ve recently started working on Sweet Blue Flowers, which is one of my favorite series. It’s also a easy, calming and quick edit. I’d say even more so than Octave. Speaking of Octave, I recently did chapter 13 and 14, and have 15 cleaned up and ready to edit. I’ve also begun cleaning chapter 17. There is no chapter 16! Well there is, I just can’t find it anywhere. I’ve tried everything; Yamibo, my Japanese P2P programs, a personal friend in Japan who can usually locate anything for me. It just seems that no one has scanned it on the entire internet! Hopefully I can find it soon, if not someone is going to have to pony up and buy it. If you want it scanlated! :D

You’re probably wondering if I’m going to avoid talking about my artwork. No! I’m not! I still plan on finishing it one day. I just haven’t really had the urge lately. I can’t force myself to do any type of artwork or else it comes out like I feel, forced. Eventually I’ll get excited and do some work on it. Maybe tomorrow, maybe when I’m 70 and retire. :p I’m not making any time promises, only that I will one day finish it! I think I’ll update my project page too before it gets too far gone! :o

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