Clover and Downtime


First I’d like to start with the rambling. Sorry if anyone noticed the downtime the past few weeks. I’m not with my third host in 6 months. This one seems much better though, more professional and a lot faster at responding to anything. So that’s a plus I guess. Hopefully I can keep this online for good now instead of 75% of the time.

Now onto my editing. I’ve pretty much finished the entire 4th volume of Sweet Blue Flowers in roughly a month. I still have a tiny bit to do on chapter 25 but it wont take more than a few minutes. I’ve also managed to get some work done on Bruges. You may or may not have noticed it on my Projects page under “Editing” for quite some time. It’s 104 pages long, that’s why. I think the length was intimidating me to a point. I now have about 45 pages left, which is much more manageable and far less imposing. I’m hoping to get that finished soon! I’m also currently editing the next chapter of First Love Sisters. It’s cute thus far. I’m about 50% done with it. A relatively simple chapter to edit compared the the previous one. Unless it’s my imagination.

Clover? Yes, Clover. It’s done by possibly my favorite mangaka, Hiyori Otsu. Not only is she a special artist with her own style, she has the often forgotten about story telling ability as well. Clover isn’t any different. I’m really looking forward to everyone being able to read it. I’m only through the first chapter (“Next to Her”) and I’ve begun some basic work on the second chapter but, it’s already obvious to me that it’s going to be really enjoyable. Chapter 1 tells the story of two girls (duh, right?). One, a rebellious (perhaps slightly dim) and recently relocated student named Shiho. She joins a new school and befriends the class rep, Uzuki. She seems to be a straight arrow, perfect student type of person. After an odd meeting on the train to school that morning. As the two seemingly polar opposites begin to get closer and you can start to see a little bit of each rubbing off on one another.

You’ll also notice Uzuki has several sisters in this chapter. Each following chapter will focus on a different sister it seems. As much as I would like to say chapter 2 picked up where 1 left off, I can’t. Despite being a collection of one-shots, they are linked in that way. There really was potential for a on-going series based on chapter 1 in my mind. I suppose it just wasn’t mean to be. So if you’re a fan of Hiyori Otsu, keep your eyes peeled! It should be coming to a web browser near you soon. :) I guess I can tease you a bit too. ;)

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  1. gotToloveYuri Says:

    I love hiyori otsu’s works. there’s something about her manga that somehow manages to touch my heart(dramatic? lol).
    And thanks for all the hardwork d(^_____^)b

  2. Sachiko Says:

    She really is great! I think her method of story telling is really what sets her apart from a lot of other wonderful artist. It makes her just that much better than them.

    You’re very welcome and thank you for reading my blog! :)

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