Love Letter by Hiyori Otsu


Now for the second part of the “Your Cuteness” collection by Hiyori Otsu titled Love Letter. It’s a much more to the point and less “Squeeeeeish” one-shot. It touches on some realistic facts and hard truths that a lot of people have had to put up with. The story is about Yuu, a seemingly boyish natured girl who appears to be best friends with the girl she loves, Miwa. Miwa seems the opposite, a very feminine person. Everything sounds great up until now, right? It’s not. Miwa has absolutely no idea Yuu is in love with her, not only that but Miwa is after a boy (Misumi) on the soccer team that I’m lead to believe Yuu is the team manager of.

The story begins with Yuu and Miwa talking about their romantic interest. Miwa ask Yuu who she likes and when Yuu responds “you” Miwa doesn’t realize the seriousness of the comment. She shakes it off as a joke. Yuu then informs Miwa of the obviousness of who she’s attracted to. Completely embarrassed she doesn’t deny it. During what seems to be the next day, Miwa brings Yuu lunch at the soccer field with something important to talk to her about. I can’t lie I got my hopes up here for a short lived period of time. I thought Miwa would confess her love. It was short lived.

Miwa has written a letter for Misumi and since Yuu knows him, Miwa would like her to deliver the letter for her. Yuu, being the good friend she seems to be happily (on the outside) agrees to do it. Miwa gives her a hug and tells her “I love you.” As you can imagine it’s not the “I love you” that Yuu has been hoping for. If anything it seems like it cut into her heart.

Later that night after Yuu has returned home she loses her temper in her room and stabs a picture frame on her desk of herself with a pair of scissors. It seems as though she had her hair cut short like it is so she could look more like Misumi. To impress Miwa I would assume. A little on the psychotic side if you ask me! :o Then she tears the letter Miwa gave her for Misumi into pieces wishing her feelings would go away for Miwa.

The next day Yuu tries to admit to Miwa that she tore the letter into pieces. Miwa, not believing it, laughs it off. Yuu says she’s in love with Misumi too, that’s why she did it. Miwa again doesn’t believe it, much like how she doesn’t take Yuu serious when she says she likes her. That seems to be a recurring theme throughout this one-shot. Yuu realizing she would be unable to get Miwa to believe begins laughing it off too, mentioning how she couldn’t trick her (Miwa) at all. Covering her tracks one would assume. She tells Miwa that Misumi was asked to stay late by the coach and asked for her to wait.

Yuu waves goodbye and heads back the direction she came. I can only assume she’s going to find Misumi and deliver the message verbally that she tore up the night before… But wait, you’ve been tricked! It wasn’t actually the letter Miwa gave her that Yuu tore into pieces the previous night. It was a letter she wrote back in her freshman year to Miwa that read “Dear Miwa, I love you. Please go out with me” and stashed away in her desk drawer. Tricky, huh? As Yuu walks away from Miwa she encounters two other girls who seem to be very happy to catch her walking home alone for a change. Perhaps it’s the beginning of a new relationship?


The third selection I worked on quite some time ago, Winter Tinged-Thoughts. Actually it’s the the fifth in the tankoubon, behind Maple Love, Love Letter, Cycling Under a Starlit Sky and Your Cuteness.

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